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Released: 1999
Director: Max Hardcore
Notes: Legend
Notes and Reviews

aka Junior College Hardcore Schoolgirls 11

(Legend - Max Hardcore)

Scene 3 - Chrissy (Christina [2]) hoarse voice, English accent, blonde/auburn pigtails, tattoo of red rose left upper arm. Max finds her in the park wearing a miniskirt and no panties - public groping, bj, fucking, then back to Max's place. Fucked on pool table - anal, cock/dildo DP. Apart from having a spotty botty, she could have done with having an enema and using the bidet before this scene. Fisting - four fingers - and a gynaecological examination by Max. If there is anything erotic about seeing a man spread the girl's labia as far apart as he can using two hands, then it escapes me. Reverse cowgirl anal, facial.

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