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Released: 2002
Director: Viv Thomas
Notes and Reviews

Directed by Viv Thomas

Sammy Jayne (Samantha Irons) stars. Mark, Christina and Sophie all speak moderate to good English but are not native speakers.

Sammy Jayne and her husband are buying a villa in Spain. The film begins with them being shown around by Christina, the estate agent. Sammy and Christina walking up the wide, curved stairs gives great scope for showing legs and feet in high-heeled shoes (no platform soles in this video which will please a certain denizen of alt.fan.televisionx) and Christina in her seamed stockings and improbably short skirt.

The couple have moved in and are in bed together. Sammy gives Mark a blow job and they have sex in the cowgirl position. Mark leaves and Sammy puts on her stockings (which hubby doesn't like) while lying on the bed, breaking off for a bit of masturbation, at one stage using the second stocking for this purpose. The maid, wearing stockings beneath her maid's outfit, watches through a crack in the door and also masturbates.

Sammy is lying by the pool wearing her bikini when Christina arrives to finalise the contracts. Since Mark is not at home, Sammy invites her to sit and wait with a drink. A lesbian scene develops after Sammy has admired Christina's stockings. The maid watches from the balcony and wanks. Mark returns and catches the maid at it. He gropes and fucks her - she has now turned him on to stockings. Sammy catches them in flagrante and makes Mark cum over the maid's stockings and suspenders.

Christina and Mark meet in a restaurant to finalise the deal on the house. Mark gets under the table and goes down on her and a full sex session develops. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Sammy seduces the maid.

Finally Sammy and Mark have sex with Sammy wearing stockings.

A video for Sammy-Jayne fans - great to see her going all the way on film - and high heels and seamed stockings devotees whose needs are amply fulfilled. The cumshots are directed at their favourites features.

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