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(Hollywood Video)

Boring American film, mostly set in US with one of Dick Nasty's British left over scenes added on at the end. This features Wendy Taylor (it's the scene that doesn't fit in, not that Wendy could ever be regarded as a left over). She is seen near the Houses of Parliament talking to a girlfriend on her mobile and complaining about her lack of a boyfriend. It is arranged that she meets Dick Nasty to do a porn scene and she does. Anal, facial.

Onan's view:

There are 3 scenes in this video but as only 1 contains a British girl, I have not submitted a review of the rest. Wendy's scene is the last (and best of course) of the 3 and lasts approx 30mins.

The scene begins with Wendy on the phone outside the House of Commons apparently talking about a video. The upshot of the conversation is that Wendy gets to borrow the other girl's bloke. The scene then moves indoors and the guy (Dick Nasty) makes an appearance.

The action that follows takes place in all the usual positions climaxing with Wendy taking a facial, but what really sets this scene apart from a lot of others is the length of the anal sequence.

In short, an excellent scene.

Onan the Librarian

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