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Released: 1997 (DVD re-issue 2008)
Director: Eddy Lipstick
Notes: VCA Gold Classic
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 102 mins.

Helen Duval goes to visit friends on a Dutch farm. Sabrina Johnson and Hayley Russell are among several girls dressed in traditional Dutch costume. Omar also features claiming to be an Australian.

Among several, often intercut, scenes, Hayley Russell takes on two men by the side of a lake in full view of passing boats. DP and facials. Sabrina has sex with a man beside a barn including anal and facial.

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

Confusingly, for a film called Helen Does Holland, this re-release of Helen Duval's 1996 movie starts in Belgium. She is soon over the border though to see her Dutch friends who, for some strange reason, all wander round in traditional dress. Helen, too, dons a stripy smock decorated with tulips and pulls on some clogs for her first scene in a barn.

Turning up at a hotel bedroom, a smartly dressed Sandra wants to work for Helen. She's never done any type of filming before and has to impress Helen's manager. Slipping out of her black dress, Sandra runs her hands over her body. The manager moves over to play with her tits. Caressing the guy's balls, Sandra pops his prick in her mouth and sucks. The pair end on the sofa where she rides him reverse before turning round to face him. Sandra jumps off his dick and the manager jerks his load over her face.

Meeting Omar Williams by the canal, Hayley heads off for a cruise on his boat. Mooring up, Hayley sits on the bank with two guys, leaving Omar on board. Undoing her dress, the boys pull at her boobs. Their hands make for her pussy as she grabs at their cocks. She starts to suck. The trio seem oblivious to the yachts sailing by as they bang away, doggy. The scene suddenly switches to another girl being fucked in a field. When we return to Hayley she's being DP'd by the guys. Eventually, they pull out and cum over her tits.

Sabrina appears five minutes before the end of the film, sitting on a sheet of corrugated iron giving a bloke a blow job. Getting rid of her dress, she rides him reverse while a couple of chickens strut in front of her. Dropping onto all fours, Sabrina eases his cock into her arse then quickly turns to take his load in her mouth.

Grainy and with a muffled sound track, it appears VCA have copied this film from an old, worn VHS recording. The plot makes no sense and the scenes are badly chopped and edited together. Although it's released on the Gold Classic label, Helen Does Holland is in no way a class film. Best avoided.

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