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Released: 2003
Director: Rob Spallone
Notes: Legend / Pure Filth
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Notes and Reviews

Rob Spallone's recipe for this film is simple: take 14 girls including three Britons - Jenny, Leyli and Teoni - place them in a room with a box of toys and, film what happens. Rather than film all 14 at once, he divided the film into two 35 minute scenes with 7 girls in each.

Jenny and Teoni, in their PVC skirts and high heels, appear in the first scene. The group splits into twos and threes, the British girls sticking together to lick and finger fuck each other. As the scene progresses and things warm up, Jenny and Teoni are tempted to taste American cunts. It's only when a strap-on appears that the seven come together, licking and fingering each other as they ride the plastic. The scene ends with a fanny fingering frenzy and lots of groans.

Leyli (as Amber Roxx) appears with six more girls in scene two. This time the theme is stockings and lingerie. Unlike the first scene the girls interact and stick together more, only occasionally splitting up. Amber's pussy gets a good toying as she licks and laps at any passing clit. With more toys appearing, the girls climb over and under the table in the hunt for cunt. With juice dripping they suck anything they can find. One by one the girls climax. Dressed again, they all leave.

On paper this must have looked like a good idea, but when it was put into practice it failed. The first scenes suffer from what I would term 'Roving Camera Syndrome'. With so much going on at the same time the camera is constantly moving from one thing to the next, filming backs, shoes, arms and legs and all slightly unsteadily which make you feel a little giddy. Camera work on the second scene is a lot better, but by then you are aware of any rogue foot or slight wobble. Even though it has 14 girls, give this a miss.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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