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Released: 2002
Director: Bud Lee
Notes: Simon Wolf Productions
Alternate Titles
  • Simon Wolf's Gypsy Curse
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 114 mins.

Rebecca Lee (as Flick Shagwell) stars alongside six great American girls, including Asia Carrera, Sunrise Adams and Aurora Snow, in this carefully crafted plot-based picture directed by veteran Bud Lee.

Walking through the woods Evan Stone saves an old lady from being mugged. She has magical powers and allows him to go back to change his life. Things appear very different married to Lesley Zen. There's wealth, beautiful girls and lots of sex, but Evan is under the control of his domineering and voyeuristic wife. Her best friend Aurora Snow is having sex in the bathroom with Lee Stone and he is forced to watch family solicitor Steven St.Croix shag maid Sunrise.

Looking out over his pool Evan spots Flick lying on a lounger, the pool boy burying his finger in her fanny with his tongue dancing over her clit. She opens her legs wide to take more digits in her damp hole, moaning as they're shoved in deep. Flick kneels to massage oil over the guy's dick before swallowing his swollen shaft. She falls forward, parting her bum cheeks with her bright pink nails to let the pool boy pound her pussy. Rolling over, Flick puts her leg on the guy's shoulder letting him slip up her arse, her boobs gently wobbling in time to each thrust. The pool guy finishes in Flick's fanny before giving her face and tits a coat of cream.

When Evan finds Asia and Sammy licking each other's pussies on the piano he has had enough and sets off to find the old lady he helped. Telling her wealth and sex is no good unless he is happy. She agrees to let him return to the way things were then reveals herself to be Jessica Drake. The pair bonk into the sunset.

A film with a plot and a moral ... what ever next? Beautiful girls in erotic action, great directing by Bud Lee and outstanding camera work from Jack Remy make Gypsy Curse a real pleasure to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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