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Released: 2002
Notes: Devils Films
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Running time: 81 mins.

Gangland is a long-running interracial American series which, by the time Angel and Donna got to the States in 2002, had already reached volume 30. As well as the two Brits the film also features the French girl Estelle who can't speak a word of English... except "yes".

Angel wanders around a modern, stark, white house, in her white mini, purple top and silver high heels, looking for signs of life. In the kitchen she finds a guy and props herself up on a breakfast stool to be fondled. Pulling Angel's pussy lips open, the guy eases in a finger then slips another up her arse. She jumps down and, grabbing his cock, slips it past her tonsils. Angel is led to the hall where a second guy is waiting. She unzips his pants, sucking and wanking on the two dicks. Carried upstairs, Angel is placed on a sofa where she is spit roasted. She arches her self and throws her head back to take both lengths. Two more guys join in and Angel takes them on, filling her mouth, pussy then bum with thick black dick. Sliding a shaft into her arse reverse cowgirl, Angel leans back to take a second in her pussy, then sucks the final two guys. Her body shakes with pleasure. When they are ready to cum, Angel waits open mouthed to catch the jizz which she lets dribble over her chin.

The third and final scene stars Donna Marie, blonde and before her boob job. The guy she met the previous night has called round three of his friends. He has been humping her all night and she still wants more - he just can't keep up with her sexual appetite. The boys find Donna in a shiny green bikini sunning her self in the garden. Her eyes light up at the thought of three new dicks. Donna soon has the boys' pants down and is deep throating on man meat. She bends over. Her pussy lips are already wet and swollen as she stretches her arse ready for cock. The guys can't turn down an offer like that and each takes his turn in pounding her pussy. They move into the shade and Donna gets anally spit roasted. A jet roars overhead so the four head indoors. Donna mounts a guy lying on the hearth rug then takes a second cock in her fanny. She still wants more and the third fucks her tonsils, his balls banging on her nose as she swallows his manhood. The guys are ready to cum and Donna wants a facial - all three shower her in spunk.

This is hot and hard stuff with Angel and Donna being very nasty girls taking on such a large number of guys. Whereas Angel hasn't changed much over the intervening years, Donna, with her blonde hair and slightly smaller boobs, looks completely different. A good film for those who like hard gangbangs or who just want to see the earlier work of Angel and Donna.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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