< Feuer Frei

Released: c. 1998
Director: John Barrymore (is what it says on the DVD cover)
Notes: MMV VHS title, see also egafd
Alternate Titles
  • Der verrückte Professor DVD available MMV DVD title
Notes and Reviews

Only German sound is available so it is difficult to follow the story, but it appears to be centred around a mad professor who seems to be working as some sort of sex therapist. Natasha Grove is his nurse cum receptionist and the video begins with him seemingly trying to set light to her farts. A couple come in for a consultation (Jean Yves le Castel and a brunette). The professor gets them to wear gas masks and sticks his cock into the mouthpiece of the female's. Then they watch as Natasha Grove puts a bedpan on the coffee table and squats over it, but nothing emerges from Natasha. Then the female client wanders off to explore the house and finds a blonde with whom she has lesbian sex. This is intercut with Jean watching them on a TV in the consulting room, looking shocked. The professor gets Natasha to console him and they have sex beginning with a bj and ending with a cumshot over her tits.

Between each scene some German text appears on the screen in explanation.

Next we see Kirstyn Halborg being fucked from behind against a door with glass panels.

This is followed by Nikki Platts in a b/g scene.

Then Natasha is flicking through the pages of a magazine looking bored. A black male appears behind her and tries to get her interested in him, finally getting out his cock and rubbing it against her cheek. She briefly maintains her indifference, then suddenly turns and takes it in her mouth. A b/g scene follows again ending with a cumshot over her tits.

Then we see Kirstyn dressed in a red basque with the professor and two studs. She is being made to eat lots of popcorn and then the professor succeeds in lighting one of her farts. She then has sex with the other two men, though the black guy disappears half way through and the other chap cums over her body.

Finally the original brunette takes on two men including DP and facials.

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