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Released: 2011
Director: Big Jim
Notes: Adult Channel
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Running time: 115 mins.

Filthy Milfys takes six scenes originally shot for the Adult Channel and packages their uncut R18 versions. From the title you would expect the movie to feature 'mature' girls, and whilst Hannah Callow, Jessica Love, Josephine James and Wendy Taylor creep into that category, Jesse Lee, Jools Brooke and Theo certainly don't.

Ultimate Experience
As the taxi pulls into Josephine's parking lot she realises she's left her money in the flat. She asks driver Jay if he'll come upstairs for the fare, to which he reluctantly agrees. Inside Josephine's apartment, as she searches for her purse, she tells him how she's been stood up on a date. Pulling out some notes, she stuffs them down her cleavage and invites Jay to get them. Grabbing her boobs, Jay feels Josephine's hand on his crotch. She gets his cock out and moistens the head. Releasing her boobs, Josephine runs the cheb between her ample breasts. Slipping off her black silk skirt, she pushes Jay on to the bed, trapping his shaft with her tits. Knickers down, Jay fingers and tongues Josephine's pierced pussy as a prelude to penetration. Rolling onto her side, he slaps her breasts as they shag. Climbing onto Jay's length, Josephine leans over his face. The two manoeuvre so she can be entered doggy. Ready to cum, Jay coats Josephine's breasts. It's turned out to be a taxi ride she won't forget.

After a night on the town, Clark and Steve are taken back to Jesse and Theo's place for a night-cap. Hearing that the girls are married the boys make to leave, but when they find the husbands are away on business, that changes things. Sitting on the sofa, the girls start to kiss. Clark and Steve delve under their dresses and boobs emerge to be sucked. Her knickers off, Theo is ready and willing as Clark's fingers slip into her pussy. Steve laps at Jesse's pink panties and pulls them aside. Sitting with Clark on the sofa, Theo takes a mouthful of his dick. Jesse joins in the sucking while Steve slips into her from behind. The guys swap. Theo settles onto Steve's shaft and Jesse is taken doggy-style by Clark. Next, Jesse and Steve go for spoons on the floor while Theo mounts Clark, cowgirl. The girls kneel side-by-side and have their faces spattered in spunk.

Over Ripe Melons
Hannah has invited Keni round to help her cook, but it's more then his culinary skills which interest her. Before long her boobs are out of her flame orange dress and she gets him to taste them. Next she gives him a flash of her pink knickers. Pulling out Keni's cock, Hannah fills her mouth. It's man meat she's after. Keni lifts Hannah onto the bench and slips down her panties to lap at her snatch. She looks uncomfortable as she's pressed back against the wall. The pair head for the lounge. Bent over and with her breasts swaying, Hannah is banged from behind. Lying Keni on the floor, she takes control as she lowers herself onto his shaft and grinds. He buries his face between her boobs. They fall onto their sides as the fucking continues. Finally, Keni cums over Hannah's breasts.

Dirty Mama
Clark's landlady, Jessica, has brought him a cup of tea, but she fails to wake him from his slumbers. Easing back the bed clothes, she paws at her pussy beneath her red dress as she takes a gander at his equipment. Stirring from his sleep, Clark finds Jessica astride his body with her panties pressed against his parts. Peeling down her top, he nibbles at her nipples. Promising him a possible reduction in his rent, depending on how he performs, Jessica flops back to get her pussy fingered. She squirms around on the bed as he tongues at her snatch. She licks her way from his balls to the tip of his prick. Jessica wants to be fucked and Clark obliges by slipping in, spoons. The pair continue in missionary, then doggy, until Clark is ready to shoot. Her mouth open, he jets his jizz onto Jessica's tongue.

Teen Cream
Calling round to see his girlfriend, Steve finds her daughter Jools home alone in a blue silk shift. As she lounges on the sofa in black high heels, Jools tells Steve that her mother has been playing away from home with her boyfriend and that the pair of them should get their revenge. Steve sits beside her. They kiss as he caresses her body. Letting her chemise slip off her shoulders, Jools lets him lick her nipples. Easing down her panties, Steve buries his face in Jools's fanny. She unzips his jeans to get at his cock. Taking his dick in her mouth, Jools sucks until it's nice and wet, then slides it into her pussy, reverse cowgirl. The two drop to their sides as they shag. Going down on all fours, Steve thrusts into Jools's love box and whams away till he's about to cum. Mouth open, Jools wants his cream on her face.

Mature Ones Are More Juicy
Wearing a floral dress, Wendy paces back and forth across the floor of her lounge. She looks relieved when the doorbell rings. Clark has called round to see her daughter, but she won't be back for some time. Wendy offers Clark a cup of tea while he waits. He takes his place on a blue leather chair. Returning with the cup, Wendy slips and empties the contents over Clark. She's keen to help him out of his shirt. A second cup goes the same way. This time it's Clark's trousers that get a soaking. Rubbing his manhood in order to dry it, Wendy strips down to her knickers and stockings. Clark is a little unsure as her head bobs on his dick. She takes his place on the chair and eases her panties down. Clark's tongue darts over her lips. Wendy wraps her legs round his back to pull him in tighter. Swapping places again, Wendy lowers herself on to Clark's cheb and starts to gyrate. Leaning against a wall, Wendy is entered from behind. She turns to catch Clark's cum in her mouth.

Filthy Milfys is an adequate rather than an excellent movie. There is plenty of hard, hot action from the girls - both young and slightly older - but there is also some glancing towards the cameraman/director during the sex scenes. For some girls, it has to be said, acting is not their strong suit and although the dialogue was limited, it's delivery was also often stilted. Overall, the good bits outweighed the weaker elements though and the film remained watchable throughout.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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