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Released: 2010
Director: Joanna Angel
Notes: Burning Angel
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Running time: 144 mins.

A piercing scream from Joanna Angel marks the start of the second of her films, which features British star Holly D. Unlike her American counterparts, Indigo, Kate St Ives, Phoenix and Vanessa who's scenes were shot in dilapidated and dirty US 'bathrooms', Holly gets to appear in the marbled opulence of a luxury hotel.

Upsetting James Deen during a game of 'Guess What', Holly follows him into her en-suite bathroom, leaving director Joanna Angel and Lara behind. Trying to console him, she removes her top so he can grope her boobs. With her attempts to comfort him getting nowhere, Holly drops her jeans and spreads her legs to give James a lick. He soon perks up. Easing out his prick, James plunges it deep into Holly's pussy. She slips down to the floor to taste her juices on his shaft. Leaning against the wall, James slams his prick into Holly's pussy from behind, then bends down to lap at her arse. The two shag their way across the bathroom. Sitting on the toilet, Holly mounts James's cock reverse. As the pair hammer away, the cameraman's reflection is caught in the shower door. Climbing into the bath, the riding continues with Holly bouncing away on James' cheb. The pair move back to the basin for the climax and Holly gets her face showered in jizz.

Decrepit and tatty toilets, even if they are sets, do not make for the most erotic of adult movie scenarios. The film is redeemed however by Holly's escapades with James Deen, as well as the tattooed and naughty Vanessa. Fuck Me In The Bathroom Quadrupled belongs firmly in the 'grunge' genre.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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