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Released: 2009
Director: B. Skow
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 175 mins.

So, I've got this idea - the performers tell me about a particular sexual experience and I, B Skow, will recreate them for the camera. Well, not exactly novel, but lets run with it and see where it goes.

Brianna Banks stands by a leather Chesterfield in a disused warehouse, a very large disused warehouse. And the tale Brianna has to tell is of driving home with her boyfriend and stopping off and having sex behind a truck. Of course recreating outdoor sex is too risky so they'll do it on the sofa, indoors, and, by the time the action with Alex Gonz starts, completely naked. So really more like the scores of normal sex scenes you've filmed then Brianna?

Alanah Rae is just twenty, so her catalogue of experiences must be smaller. But she did fuck her sports teacher, who was German and couldn't speak English. But actions speak louder than words. Well the scene is shot in an office of sorts, but Alanah sits on a sofa and undresses while being interviewed. Whether Jerry can speak English is not explored as he just doesn't speak at all, he just fucks the naked Alanah - on the sofa and a bit over the desk.

Brianna is back, this time with Nikki Jane in a kitchen. Once again it's Brianna's memory and this is her first girl girl experience which happened on set with Lita Chase before getting fucked by TT Boy. While Brianna explains the background, both she and Nikki undress then make their way to the living room and a sofa to lick and finger each other. A bit of dildo action that gets quite hot with a double-ender before the girls bring themselves off side by side. I've not seen the original, which I suspect was Cumback Pussy 29, so I can't compare, but there's no 2009 equivalent of TT.

Meggan Mallone looks even younger than her 23 years. She's slim, tall and dark and while she doesn't have a memory she has a fantasy. A 'G rated DP' which she thinks is sucking a guy off while dildoing herself to orgasm. I'd like to be there when she finds out what it really is. Alex Gonz is the lucky man to have his dick sucked as Meggan lies on her back. When Meggan gives up on the dildo, Alex continues with his fingers then fucks her in spoons, and most other positions, until he cums over her tits.

Finally Brianna wants to recreate her Prom night where she fucked her boyfriend and his best friend. It seems that, even then, Brianna was partial to a bit of rough sex, which gives big boys Ben English and Otto Bauer the chance to give her a right seeing-to on a sofa. Very noisy sex in all positions, before they move on to cowgirl DPs. Brianna finally shows us her rough side in a very good final scene.

Well apart from Mr Skow forgetting the plot, these are good scenes, which one would expect from Vivid's prolific director. Nikki Jayne, of course, looks lovely and does her best with a real porn legend. Recommended.

Review by Bayleaf
July 2009

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

For his film Flashback, director B Skow has decided to re-create some of Brianna Banks' sexiest encounters from her on and off screen life. With the help of Meggan Mallone, Alanah Rea and Nikki Jayne, Brianna's hottest boy/girl and girl/girl moments are re-enacted over five scenes.

In matching cropped black tops and short denims, Brianna and Nikki stand like a pair of twins in the kitchen. Brianna wants to relive her first girl-on-girl experience and explains how at the time she was so nervous she remembers little about it. Peeling off Nikki's top, Brianna strokes her boobs then drops to her knees to yank down the denims. A slap on the bum and the pair head to the lounge. Kneeling on the sofa, Nikki pushes her pussy into Brianna's face. Her tongue runs up and down her bum cleavage. The girls twist round, Nikki taking mouthfuls of muff and fingering fanny. Brianna slips a double-ended dong into Nikki's pussy and impales herself on the free end. The two work their way along the pink shaft and grind themselves together. They kiss.

Recent releases from Vivid starring Nikki Jayne have been rather mediocre affairs, failing to show the sparkle and enthusiasm she had in her earliest releases. Though Flashback goes some way towards remedying this, it's still not showing Nikki at her raw best. Flashback is a good film from a star who has so much more to offer.

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