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Released: 2009
Director: Kevin Klien
Notes: Rude Britannia Royale
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 94 mins.

The misspelt tag line on the cover of Forty & Naughty MILF Mayhem gives an indication as to the care which has been taken in producing this film... None. Poorly lit and badly shot, the four scenes stutter and wobble their way across the screen for ninety odd minutes before coming to a stop.

After what seems a lifetime viewing the back of Annabelle's head, as we explore the industrial estates of Kent, the car eventually comes to a halt. Walking across the grass in her smart jacket, grey skirt, Annabelle arrives at a house and enters the games room. Throwing her jacket onto the snooker table, Annabelle stoops to tongue her way down a guy's cock. Gently, she kisses the head. A masked guy bursts in, his dick hanging out of his pants. Initially, Annabelle is surprised, but then she feeds his cheb into her mouth. She climbs onto the pool table and your eyes are drawn to her sexy red shoes, caked with mud from the grass. She strokes at her pussy. The guys move in to lick her, then push in their pricks. Turning onto all fours, Annabelle is spit-roasted. She twists round to 69. A cock in her mouth, she slips down onto the second shaft and rides reverse. The first guy cums on Annabelle's tongue. Jumping up, the second one fires over her face.

Standing beside a lighting umbrella in black lingerie and sunglasses, Extremebush slips her hand into a guy's jeans. The colour tones change completely as the pair move onto the bed. Extremebush bites at his cock. He lifts Extremebush's boobs out of her bra and nibbles at her nipples. Lying back, a large sticking plaster adorns Extremebush's stomach. She slips off her panties and pulls the guy's face into her hairy muff. With the picture drifting in and out of focus, she throws her stocking clad legs over his shoulders and sucks at her own tits. Pendulous breasts swaying, the camera trembles and shakes as Extremebush is taken on all fours. She rides the condom clad cock, cowgirl. A little more doggy, then a shot over her face finishes the scene.

Trudy kneels on the bed in a red silk top and black skirt as a guy gropes her tits, then kisses them. His hand runs down her body towards her skirt. The guy tongues at Trudy's shaven snatch. She pants as he pokes at her clit and follows the folds of her pussy lips. Trudy slips the semi-stiff shaft into her mouth and starts to suck. Ready for action, she sits on the dick. Slapping her bum, the guy enters Trudy from behind then rolls her over to cum on her tits.

Dressed up, Sophie is ready for a night out. Her husband has other ideas though and wheels in a masked man with his cock in his hand. Laughing and giggling, Sophie wanks his length into her mouth. Summoning over her husband, Sophie wants a second cock. The boys remove her bra as she sucks at their dicks. Bending over, Sophie is stuffed at both ends. The guys swap places. After riding the masked man cowgirl, Sophie crams both cocks into her mouth. Taken doggy by both, Sophie crouches as the pair spunk into her mouth and over her face.

With a lack of attention to the basics, Forty & Naughty MILF Mayhem shows how a film should NOT be made. Rude Britannia's production standards have been falling for some time and here, they continue to slide. Decent lighting and a steady camera are a must in a film. Unfortunately, the team haven't mastered these basic elements yet. Avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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