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Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: Load XXX
Alternate Titles
  • British Granny Fuck 9
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DVD  20.00 GBP British Porn: Freddies British Granny Fuck 09 6
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Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Freddie

More from Freddie and his mate G, who has set up a dating agency so that he can get his end away. This leads to misunderstandings and the opportunity for some comedy in the build up to each scene's action. Although the delivery is stilted (don't expect Fred or G in stand-up near you anytime soon) at least there is an attempt to vary the pick up lines.

In the first scene G omits the not as in "I am not a 19 year old nympho" when he reads 62 year old Gwen's application, so when he meets her in the park he mistakes her for his date's granny. But then G is not the black stud she requested, so they go home where G washes off the bootblack in the shower and Gwen joins him. Both naked, they retire to the bedroom for sex. Gwen still retains enough of a generously curvy figure to make the action quite sexy and she talks dirty too.

Janet is G's second date. A Pat Butcher lookalike with short blonde hair, she meets G in a playground where there is quite a bit of humourous banter before they go to her place for sex. Janet strips to her stockings and suspenders and they fuck on the sofa with Janet demanding to be fucked hard.

Sue is in a different league to the women so far (as you would expect from a pro model). She plays a businesswoman who Fred and G are doing some handiwork for, but her agency date is Big Johnny. She brings him home, strips off and fucks him on her bed in all the usual positions ending with cum over her torso.

The final scene features Chloe Hill and is so out of character with the other scenes that Fred and G introduce it as "do you remember when?". This is, presumably, the same as the scene from Anal Babes 3 where Chloe is picked up on the seafront and taken back to Freddie's for a shag. Chloe is a little passive, but she's stripped to her stockings and fucked in most positions starting in doggie. Then all over again with Freddie's cock up her arse.

Certainly one of the better programmes from this series. Gwen and Janet are pleasant older women while Sue is a class act. The main thing is the enthusiasm and enjoyment that the mature women bring, which is all the more evident when contrasted with Chloe in the final scene who's definitely doing it for the cash.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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