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Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: Load
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  • British Granny Fuck 3
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Review copy courtesy Freddie

Stephanie, posh granny from central casting, is her ladyship inspecting her extensive garden; G is gardener Spotty who has to reluctantly take care of her carnal needs. Demanding to be taken to Spotty's cottage, Stephanie undresses to her black holdups and with her skirt around her waist, gets her wildly hairy pussy chewed. Moving to the bedroom for a good fucking, Stephanie takes the total length of a big dildo inside her before taking more cock in some adventurous positions. Scene ends with a cumshot over her tits.

In a blustery Scarborough, Freddie tells camerawoman Tracy that he's been let down, but a call to the local escort agency locates call girl Sandy who's looking for her first booking. After taking the call in her bath, Sandy dildos herself for a while before calling at Fred's house. They waste no time before going upstairs where Sandy strips to her black stockings and suspenders for sex. Decent action with friendly cheerful and chatty Sandy getting deeply fucked in all positions. Halfway through Fred produces a fake cumshot over Sandy's bum then returns to the fray before the scene ends suddenly during more cock sucking.

Gina (or Christine in the credits) is a rather youthful granny with nice legs and tits who silently strips in her bathroom and, naked, uses an electric vibrator on herself. A knock at the door introduces workman Jimmy who announces that the power is switched off. Gina has only a small towel covering her modesty and Jimmy offers his own power tool to plug into her dripping pussy. In the bedroom, Jimmy strips through some forplay and the pair fuck in all positions on the bed, although some of the camerawork here is curiously coy and could almost get an 18 certificate. Ends with decent facial.

Fred tips off visitor Dick that Cindy is a Scarborough landlady who likes to fuck her guests. Dick checks in and, after some misunderstandings, he is shown his room where Cindy strips to a red basque and black fishnets. Although rather plain, Cindy wears her kit well and this should be a sexy scene, but Dick is short, balding and keeps his socks on, so we get to watch a rather boring older couple fucking each other at home. Ends with a miniscule cum shot.

Another mixed bag of women from the professionals Steph and Sandy to the possibly one-offs Gina and Cindy. To get the best out of these older gals you need guys with much bigger cocks than are supplied here as much of the action is just too cosy. See how Chris News takes on Sandy in the Fucking 40's in an almost identical scenario. Older paired with younger, either way round, is an exciting prospect, but old and old? I get that at home.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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