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Released: 2007
Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: Load XXX
Alternate Titles
  • British Granny Fuck 12
Notes and Reviews

Review copy courtesy Freddie

Graham has a new wheeze, he has had a haircut and re-invented himself as Dr I Pumpemup, offering plastic surgery consultations from home as a route to getting his leg over. A sure way to get himself struck off, if he was ever struck on. The trend towards comedy between the scenes continues with bits of business concerning breast implants, fake accidents and anaesthetic pens and hypodermics which has Graham and Tracy contorting around the living room having accidentally stabbed each other.

Graham is showing Fred his implants (red balloons actually) when Kaye arrives with a spot on her nose. Graham is more interested in her breasts, which he frees from her bra revealing a pair that have already been enhanced. Kaye is an attractive blonde woman in her late 50's with an all-over tan, who Graham takes to the bedroom and strips to her black stockings, carefully examining her body before fucking her. The action starts in doggy and moves through all the usual positions in an arousing scene with a much older woman.

More comedy business as Graham demonstrates his operating techniques on more water-filled balloons to Freddie by the kitchen sink. Then Graham arrives home with plump blonde Sarah who he's picked up at the supermarket. As Dr I Pumpemup he offers Sarah free breast augmentation, but this seems hardly necessary as when Sarah takes her top and bra off she has good size tits with nipple studs. Moving to the bedroom, Sarah strips to her black holdup stockings and fucks Graham on the bed. This is actually a quite sexy scene with Sarah getting quite worked up and ends with Graham shooting over her tits.

Lynn is a shorthaired bespectacled woman who wants Dr Graham to look at her breasts, which are large and sagging. Once stripped to the waist, Graham takes Lynn to the bedroom where he removes the rest of her clothes (apart from the black holdups) and fucks her on the bed. This scene lacks the chemistry of the previous one and has a much more mechanical feel which ends with a cumshot over Lynn's tits.

Finally, when Eva attends for a consutation, Freddie siezes his chance. Slim, attractive and well spoken, Eva wants Botox but Freddie insists on seeing her tits (which are tiny but have terrific nipples). Carefully removing all her clothes, Eva's hard body is revealed which sets Fred off on one of his best fucks for a long time. All positions are tried with Eva's bum propped in the air as Fred attempts a piledriver. Eventually returning to suck Eva's organstop nipples, Fred then produces a miniscule cum shot over one of them, although this is just too tiny to see whether it's genuine.

The actual fucking here is rather good. Not only are the women pleasant to look at but, in most cases, seem to thoroughly enjoy their fucking and manage to develop a real erotic charge. One of Freddie's best.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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