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Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: Load
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  • British Granny Fuck 2
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Review copy courtesy Freddie

Dave Gray's alter ego Freddie is out and about oop north finding mature women to shag. All four here put in good, enthusiastic performances which won't disappoint fans of fifty plus women.

An insurance salesman calls on Gail, a blonde short haired woman with a range of tattoos and piercings over her chunky body. While Gail is making tea the salesman discovers Gail's s&m stuff hidden behind some cushions. The salesman sneaks back later to find Gail putting straps around her ankles, she whacks him on the bum for his cheek and this quickly develops into sex on the sofa. Both the salesman and Gail undress completely during foreplay without using the handcuffs or choker, which is a waste. The salesman takes a while to stiffen up but when he does the action is pretty good on the sofa and the floor. The scene ends with decent facial over Gail's glasses which she has kept on throughout.

Giselle seems far too young, slim and attractive for this programme as she plays an evangelist determined to convert Freddie from his wicked ways. Freddie decides hypnotism may protect him from her bible bashing so he puts Giselle under using a swinging chain. Now, apparently under his influence, Freddie takes Giselle upstairs, strips her to her black holdups and fucks her on the bed. By Freddie's standard the fucking is pretty good and he throws in two fake cumshots for good measure, one over Giselle's bum and a blink-and-you-missed-it facial to end.

The third scene highlights the perils of location filming in the UK as Freddie and G pull their car into a layby as the torrential rain lashes down. The pair find a distraught, petite and perky Wendy, whose husband has just had a serious accident and will not be able to give her weekly seeing-to. Fred offers his services on the spot and they move into the trees where he lifts Wendy's skirt and pulls her red satin pants down. It's obviously too bloody wet and cold for Fred to get his own tool out so he grinds against Wendy's bum as she leans against a Silver Birch. Back by the car, Wendy declares herself satisfied (oh really?), but they still go back to her's for proper fucking in the bedroom. Despite her age, Wendy has a nice little body with firm little tits and plenty of enthusiasm for her task. Fred seems pleased with his ejaculation prosthetic as he demonstrates it again over Wendy's bum then again, full volume, over her tits.

Libby is wandering around the quayside looking for just one thing when she meets trawlerman G who takes her back to his place for sex. Starting in the living room the pair then move to the bedroom where Libby is stripped to her white holdups and the fucking starts. Libby is probably Britain's most famous fucking granny and she doesn't disappoint, with a hard and enthusiastic display with plenty of dirty talk too. G needs an extended wank but eventually manages to shoot his load over Libby's chin.

No granny series would be complete without the stupendous talents of Libby Ellis. Although just too big for my taste there's no doubting her fucking talent. Fred has the pleasure of fucking the two neatest bodies on show, although his over use of his semen squirter is taking the piss. The first scene, with Gail and her partner, has the look of another real couple performing. I'd like to think that Fred's rough and ready style and frequently poor editing is deliberate (long pauses, furtive glances before the action and repeats of dialogue from different angles pepper the scenes), but I fear they're not. In general the dirty action compensates, although a bit more light in most of the scenes wouldn't go amiss.

Review by Bayleaf
January 2007

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