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Released: 2009
Director: Kevin Klien
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 94 mins.

Being an optimist, whenever I get a new Rude Britannia release I hope this is the film which stop their slow decline. The question is, with four new 'amateurs' in Fuck Buddies is this the film to turn the corner?

Lucy sits on a bed in her black top and denim skirt as a guy gropes at her tits. As the shadow of the camera man moves across the room, she strips to her red bra and panties. The guy's hands rove over her body as he bites at her boobs. Lucy leans forward to swallow dick. As the picture flips from camera to camera, the colour and contrast constantly change. Climbing aboard the cock, Lucy rides cowgirl. A sudden cut and it's doggy followed by spoons. With all flow and continuity gone, wobbly images of shagging flick across the screen. The session ends with what seems like an interminable wank as the guy tries to cum over Lucy's tits.

In thigh high white boots, basque and silvered sun glasses, Extremebush sits on the sofa. She eases her large boobs out of her basque and sucks on one of them as a guy nibbles at the other. His trousers undone, Extreme bends down, her breasts resting on her thighs as she tongues the guy's shaft and balls. Moving down her body, the guy buries his face in her forest of pubes. Extreme pulls her pussy lips apart to be fingered. With her boots and basque removed, she rides the guy cowgirl, her pendulous tits swaying over his face. Doggy follows with some bumpy and jerky camera work. Sitting on the floor, the guy cums over Extremebush's glasses and nose.

In a cramped looking box room, Lacey spreads her fishnet stocking clad legs as a guy paws at her pussy. No subtle build up - it's straight on to the cock for this girl. She rides cowgirl, her boobs hanging out of her black dress. With the bedclothes rucking up, Lacey drops onto her back to be taken missionary. The editor gets scissor happy at this stage, yo-yoing between images of Lacey being fucked in various positions. Her stockings slide up and down her legs with each new shot. Finally, she takes the guy's jizz in her mouth.

Comfortably proportioned Claire appears in the final scene, wearing black lingerie and stockings on an iron framed bed. While she strokes a guy's cock, he lifts out her boobs. She moves to give him a blow job. Knickers off, Claire is fingered. She rolls on top of the guy, rubbing her pussy against his leg. A ladder appears in her stocking as she goes on to all fours to be fucked from behind. The ladder slowly spreads down her leg as she's taken missionary and spoons. With the bed rocking and creaking, Claire rides the guy cowgirl then flops onto her back as he shoots over her stomach.

After watching this film I've come to the conclusion that mint green and dark terracotta don't go together. It's an awful indictment when the most memorable thing about a film is the dodgy decor in one of the bedrooms.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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