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Released: 2009
Director: Gazzman
Notes: Harmony
  • Kiesha Kane non-sex role in feature, sex role in bonus scene
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 169 mins.

In Fuck Club, director Gazzman has gone for something a little different. Divorcing the story line of the film from the action, he has cleverly linked the two together. At an exclusive gents club, a group sit round while Kiesha, in her stockings and black lingerie, offers everyone glasses of brandy. The time has come for the guys to reveal their fantasies, but only when they have the 'red tie' - and Kiesha is in charge of that.

Kiesha places the tie round the first guy's neck and his fantasy starts to come true as he tells of a heavily tattooed Jandi Lin being taken by two studs. The next recipient of the tie sees Faye Regan and Ryder Skye indulge in some girl-on-girl action before tackling a cock. Back at the club, Kiesha passes the tie on. This time the fantasy involves Tori Black and Tony de Sergio, before Nikki Hunt finds herself in possession of the tie, getting her tits fucked. Kiesha wanders among the group, wrapping the tie round a new neck. Titania Kush wants to be fucked hard by two dicks. Finally, Maya Hills gets the tie and gets shagged up the arse on a set of stairs.

Gazzman has the pace of this film just right. The action in the scenes moves on but never appears rushed. And the links back to the club keep the story moving. Perhaps the only slightly disappointing thing about the film is Kiesha's sex scene being relegated to the DVD extras in a bonus scene.

Kiesha's Bonus Scene
The camera slowly pans up Kiesha's stocking clad legs and across her body as she places the red tie around Oliver Sanchez's neck. He caresses her tits through her black lace bra and the two kiss. Oliver's hand heads south and slips into Kiesha's panties. She bends over a chair to let him lick. Undoing his pants, Kiesha takes Oliver deep into her mouth and stuffs her cheeks with his cheb. The two fall to the floor to 69 and wank each other. Oliver jerks his jizz into Kiesha's open mouth. She lets it dribble over her chin and drip down between her tits.

In itself, Fuck Club is a great film to watch, but Kiesha's bonus scene provides the icing on the cake.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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