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Released: 2009
Director: Dick Bush
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Heisse 19, eng und total versaut Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 121 mins.

Relish have turned their spotlight on education as director Dick Bush follows the staff and senior girls at one of Britain's most disreputable colleges: the Hazza B'Gunne Institute. The day starts with supply teacher Mark Slone in the staff room apprehensive about teaching the girls French. American student Tory Lane soon makes him forget his worries with her appetite for anal sex.

Caretaker Jay is cleaning the toilets when Jasmine bursts in dying for a pee. He relents and lets her use a cubical as he wipes round the taps. To show her gratitude, Jasmine unzips Jay's overalls to see his chest. She kisses him, pressing herself against his body. Her blouse buttons pop open. Jay yanks down her short black shirt. His hands fondle her arse and a finger works its way into her pussy. Dropping to her knees, Jasmine clasps his cock and starts to suck. Strings of spit connect his cheb to her lips as she wanks. Spreading her legs on a stool, Jasmine invites Jay to lap at her clit. She stands to be filled from behind by his dick. The two admire each other in a mirror as they fuck. Jasmine climbs onto the sink to continue. Biting at Jasmine's boobs, Jay sits her down on his shaft. She bangs and gyrates on his length. Ready to cum, Jay jerks his jizz onto Jasmine's tits. She's ready for the next lesson.

Wanting to see student Jools, teacher Mark finds her in the corridor with friend Kiesha. The girls take advantage of the situation, pinning the teacher against the wall and unbuttoning his shirt. Kiesha slips her boobs out of her blouse and pushes them into Mark's face. Jools falls to the floor. Her head bobs on Mark's shaft. Lifting her skirt, Jools lets her white knickers slide down her legs. Leaning her against the wall, Mark jabs in his dick. Kiesha stands beside the pair playing with herself, her black panties round her ankles. Mark moves his cock into her pussy. With their teacher lying down, the girls take turns to mount his shaft. The three move round the corner to finish their shagging on an old sofa.

On their way home, Katie and Natalia have bought some new clothes. They can't wait to get out of their uniforms to try them on. First out of the bag are PVC shorts and a lemon bikini bra. Natalia pulls them on and finishes the look with a purple net top. Katie finds a Relish T-shirt in the bag and slips it on. Stripping to their stockings and heels, the girls lick at each other's breasts. Katie makes her way down Natalia's body and explores her shaven snatch with her tongue. Sitting on the sofa, Katie opens her legs to let Natalia lick her muff. A finger or two find their way into her damp pussy. Katie lies across Natala's thighs to get her bum spanked. A glass rod is rammed into her hole. Shuffling round, Katie stuffs a purple vibe into Natalia and works away. The two lick clean the toys and kiss.

Dick Bush has Brooke in detention for 'happy slapping' Mr Slone. Called away, he asks caretaker Jay to deputise. Brooke spots the swap and flashes her knickers at Jay. Moving to the front of the class she balances on his desk with her boobs out. Despite his protests, Jay succumbs to Brooke's advances as she rubs herself against his body. Stripped to her school tie and short skirt, she grabs his cock and traps it between her tits. Her fingers wrapped round the shaft, Brooke licks his balls then feeds the length down her throat. Stretching out on her classroom chair, Jay crawls between her legs and laps her pussy and arse. Climbing onto the desk, the two fuck missionary. Brooke sighs as Jay thrusts in hard. Moving to the floor, Brooke lowers herself onto Jay's rod and slowly rocks. Pulling out, Jay squirts his spunk over Brooke's boobs. Her detention is over.

Whilst the girls and guys in Field of Teens all turned in decent performances, the film is slightly let down by the standard of production. Relish can normally be relied on to get the lighting and camera work spot on in their films, but here the imagery in the faster moving action is less than pin sharp. A pity as this distracted from an otherwise good film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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