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Released: 2008
Director: Michael Ninn
Notes: Ninn Worx
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Running time: 94 mins.

For those who associate Michael Ninn with 'industrial' based films from the fetish genre, Fem Vivace may be a bit of a surprise. This movie is shot in and around a sumptuous mansion where the all-girl cast strut their stuff in their black high heels. The film is, however, unmistakably Ninn, crammed full of visual effects with girls appearing and disappearing as they walk across the set.

In her dark business suit, Kellemarie relaxes on a brown leather couch in a richly coloured library. Zoe Britton stands on the balcony, gazing into the darkness. Drawing on her cigarette, Kellemarie clicks her fingers and summons Zoe towards her. Slowly gyrating, Zoe unbuttons her blouse and loosens her short black skirt. Kellemarie bends her over to spank her bum. Letting her jacket fall open, Kellemarie beckons Zoe to bite her boobs. Her hand slips down to her black panties. Moving Zoe down her body, Kellemarie wraps her legs around her body and pulls her face into her fanny. Zoe's tongue dances over her clit. She is urged to lick harder. Kellemarie shakes with pleasure. Kneeling Zoe on the couch, a curved glass dildo is worked into her neatly trimmed snatch. Kellemarie twists and turns the toy until Zoe collapses in a quivering heap. Adjusting her attire, Kellemarie heads to the balcony for some night air.

Along with Kelliemarie and Zoe, eight other girls appear in the film: Celeste Star, Janna Jordan, Georgia Jones, Nikki Kane, Charmane Star, Ariel Summers and Elena Rivera. All put in top rate performances. Beautifully staged and shot, director Michael Ninn plays with the viewer in some scenes, using visual collages of almost identically dressed girls as they pout and pose. A great film to watch and something completely different from the normal girl-on-girl movie.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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