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Released: 2008
Director: Jonathan Morgan
Notes: Wicked
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Running time: 89 mins.

Fired is a light hearted look at the life of Carmen Hart who, no matter how hard she tries, cannot find a job which she can keep. Having humped her way through the night with her new boyfriend, Carmen misses the alarm and is woken mid morning by an irate manager... she's fired!

Flat mates Katie Morgan and Nikki Rhodes rally round trying to come up with new ideas for Carmen's career. Katie suggests becoming a secretary like her, although she spends more time at work with boss Evan Stone taking his dick than doing dictation. Carmen tries and fails.

Nikki's a nurse and thinks it's just the job for Carmen. She explains how she dresses in her PVC uniform and gives special treatment to her patient Steve St Croix. A day in hospital and Carmen finds that she's not the nursing type.

Reading through the small ads, the girls see a post testing new sprays and perfumes. Friend Alex Sanders reckons the perks are great. Sprayed with a compound which makes him irresistible to women, he's locked in the lab with Holly Wellin and Renae Cruz. His scent gets the girls wild. Ripping off his shirt, they press their pussies and boobs against his body. Pulling down Alex's pants, Holly devours his dick, his cries for help muffled by Renae's fanny. Lifting her black dress, Holly demands to be taken from behind. Alex obliges then moves on to Renae. The girls take turns at licking and being fucked until Alex can hold back no longer and comes over their faces. They still want more. Carmen signs up straight away, but a squirt of the fragrance makes her swell and become blotchy.

Carmen trys out as an extra on a TV show. A session on the casting couch with star Voodoo ensures she's picked for the live show. Overcome with excitement, Carmen manages to mess up in front of an audience of millions. She's sacked but manages to get a reality TV series based on her cock-ups.

The story line may be simple and predictable, but with a good cast and nicely filmed action, this is a well put together movie. On a cold dark night, Fired is a very easy film to watch.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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