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Released: 2007
Director: Stormy Daniels
Notes: Wicked Pictures / Acid Rain, widescreen
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Running time: 115 mins.

The directors of some American plot based films take themselves a little too seriously. That accusation can't be aimed at this light hearted frolic directed by Stormy Daniels. Roxy Jezel takes the lead role as a British fashion designer who realises her visa is about to run out and desperately needs a green card. Helped by her flatmates Avy Scott and Katie Morgan, the three hatch a plan to get Roxy married to an American citizen, but the problem is finding Mr Right.

Fixing Roxy up with Mr Pete, the girls leave the house. It appears he is more interested in the game on TV than Roxy's gyrating body. Only when she sits on his knee with her tits in his face does he notice her. Pulling her jeans down, he slips a finger into her fanny. The pair fall to the floor where she sucks on his cock and his balls. After spanking Roxy's bum, Mr Pete thrusts into her pussy from behind. She pushes him over to ride his shaft. Some more shagging missionary and Mr Pete is ready to fire. No sooner has his jizz landed on Roxy's lips than the game goes back on.

While Avy has no problems in getting fucked by her boyfriend, Roxy's succession of internet dates fail. Katie comes up with an idea: marry her older brother, the reluctant Randy Spears - an accountant with compulsive obsessive disorder... for money. Within a week the two are wed even though they are totally incompatible.

Roxy turns up at Randy's office with his lunch. The timid accountant sits, straightening his paper clips, when boss Tommy Gunn appears. He introduces Roxy as a friend. Roxy immediately falls for Tommy and before long is in his office giving him a blow job, while rubbing her fanny.

Randy admits to his sister Katie that he's really in love with Roxy but doesn't know what to do. Plucking up the courage, he eventually tells her. A relieved Roxy pins him on the bed. With a look of terror, she pulls down his pants and laps at his dick. Rolling Roxy onto her back, Randy tentatively tongues her clit. Wrapping her legs round his neck, Roxy pulls him closer to her pussy. Taking control of the situation, Roxy mounts Randy's manhood and bounces up and down. About to cum, she rolls onto her back and her stomach gets covered in cream.

If you like movies with story lines, but don't want anything too heavy, this is a great film to watch. Randy Spears 'overacting' portrayal as the bashful husband is matched by Roxy's performance as the slightly wayward newly wed, both done tongue in cheek. There's also a brilliant cameo role for the legendary Nina Hartley as the snooping immigration officer sent to spy on the pair. For Love, Money or a Green Card is an entertaining way to spend an evening and is to be recommended.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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