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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Die Schlampen von der Haltestelle 3 Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 124 mins.

For a series which is supposed to introduce new talent to our screens, none of the girls in Fresh Off The Bus 3 can be considered as first timers. In fact Boroka Balls and Janet Joy already have a string of successful films under their belts, with even Tiffany having a few titles to her name. The format of the film follows the pattern of the previous two in the series: Hazza and chauffeur Bob meeting the girls, then whisking them off to the location for the shoot - this time a flat.

Russian girl Mia Bailey is first on the list for Hazza and Bob to pick up. She stands outside London Bridge station waiting for the pair. Back at the apartment, Hazza asks her a number of questions, but Mia's lack of English limits her to answering just 'Yes' to all. Before entering make-up, Mia strips out of her everyday blouse and jeans. She fingers her pussy for the camera. Returning in sexy black lingerie and stockings, she settles on the sofa to have her pussy licked. She pulls her big brown nipples out of her bra. Moaning, Mia's thigh muscles twitch and her body stiffens as she is finger fucked. Slipping onto the floor, Mia wanks the dick between her lips, her hand running over the guy's leg as she sucks. Mia moves to the sofa and kneels. Her black panties pulled aside, she is entered from behind. She reaches for her clit and plays. The two roll over, Mia riding the cock. Falling onto her side, the action continues spoons. Propping her bum up with cushions, the scenes ends with Mia on her back. The guy pulls out and his cum hits her chin. Smiling, Mia licks her lips.

Tiffany (as Lady Tiffany) is the fourth girl in. Hazza sends trusty Bob to meet her at the station. In the back of the car, Tiffany flashes her black bra for Hazza as they drive through the streets of London. The introductory interviews in the first three scenes were a total failure, as none of the girls could speak English. To be awkward, Tiffany says very little and what is said is scrambled in the jump cut editing. She does however sing as she strips out of her every day clothes. In a green floral top and white platform shoes, Tiffany has been transformed in make-up. Jon the stud arrives. She places his dick between her lips then moves down to lick his arse as he wanks. Her knickers down, Jon tongues Tiffany's bum and fingers her wet pussy. She pushes him back onto the sofa, digging her heels into his balls. Her foot moves round to his arse. Standing astride Jon, Tiffany drops onto his cock. Grinding away reverse cowgirl, he spanks her bum as she rides. The two swap places. Wrapping her legs round Jon's back, Tiffany is taken missionary. Her flailing white platforms come within inches of the camera. A little sex doggy-style, and Tiffany crouches to wank Jon's load into her open mouth.

This film suffers from the same problems as the first two in the series: poor lighting and indifferent camera work. Moving away from hotel bedrooms to a more palatial flat, you would think Hazza and the team would have managed to get things right ... but no. The other question which has to be asked is, why fill the first four or five minutes of a scene with interviews when four of the girls can't speak the language and look as if they don't have a clue what's going on? A disappointing film when you consider the calibre of the girls.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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