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Released: 2007
Director: Hazza B'Gunne
Notes: Relish
Alternate Titles
  • Die Schlampen von der Haltestelle 2 Tabu
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 104 mins.

Hazza B'Gunne continues Fresh Off The Bus 2 where he left off in volume 1 - on the quest for new talent. This time Carmel Moore (who has shot a number of films in America) is joined by three British new comers, Nancy, Sammy Jo and Vienna Moore, with the Hungarian girl Vanessa Moore rounding the cast list off.

A brief introduction, as Hazza picks his stuff up from the launderette, is followed by a dash across town to pick up Carmel at the railway station. The long-haired blonde is on her way back from Southampton. At the hotel, Carmel sits on the bed in her every day top and jeans. She flashes her boobs and bum then slowly strips. Licking her tits, she fingers herself. Make-up on, and in her purple lingerie and stockings, Carmel is ready for cock. Danny Boy approaches, his dick out and erect. Flicking her hair back, Carmel fills her mouth and wanks at the shaft. Pushing deeper, Danny presses on Carmel's tonsils. Her bra comes off and she gives the wet rod a tit fuck. Knickers off, Carmel wraps her legs round Danny's neck as he laps at her pussy. Holding her ankles, Danny slips his dick in missionary. She groans through gritted teeth as his balls bang against her bum. Camel takes control sitting on the shaft. She turns around to face Danny. Danny deposits his load over Carmel's boobs.

The next girl to be met is Sammy Jo. She chats with Hazza in the limo on their way to the hotel. Before she gets ready for the shoot, Hazza asks Sammy Jo to strip. Her clothes fall to the floor and she pulls at her neatly trimmed snatch. Transformed by make-up and in her basque and fishnets, Sammy Jo kneels on the bed and waits for Danny. Pulling down his pants she puts his cock between her lips and licks. He slaps her bum and fingers her as she swallows. Pushing Danny back onto the bed, she mounts his cock. He bites her tits as she bounces. Reaching back, Sammy Jo grabs his balls and turns to ride reverse. The bed squeeks and bangs against the wall as Sammy Jo goes down on all fours to be taken doggy. Flipping onto her back, the session ends with a quick bonk missionary and a mouth full of cum for Sammy Jo.

Skint student Vienna Moore has just come back from Italy and is looking to porn movies to pay off her debt. On her way to the apartment with Hazza she also admits another reason to appear is her love of cock. In a poorly lit room she strips out of her things. A pale band on her beautifully tanned body shows where Vienna's bikini has been. She changes into a dark green basque with a diamond choker and is ready to start her new career. Ben enters, his cock sticking through the flies of his pants. Vienna doesn't hesitate, taking the manhood into her mouth and tonguing his balls. Boobs out of the basque, Vienna lounges back, her legs spread to take Ben in her smoothly shaven snatch. Her fingers head down and pull at her pussy lips. Rolling round the bed, Vienna ends cowgirl on the cock. Bending forward, Vienna's breasts brush the bed as Ben bonks her from behind. She lets out a muffled scream. Falling to the floor in front of Ben, he jerks his jizz over Vienna's face and tits.

Housewife Nancy is picked up in Covent Garden. Bored with her mundane life the 25 year old wants the excitement appearing in films can give. At the apartment, Nancy peels off her blue top and jeans to show her trim figure. She sits on the sofa as Hazza films her, fingers playing with her fanny. In her red knickers and stockings, Nancy strokes her pussy with one hand whilst pulling at Jay's dick with the other. Her tongue flicks over the head of the cock before it disappears into her mouth. She laps at Jay's balls and arse. Kneeling between Nancy's thighs, Jay works her panties down and chews at her cunt. He plunges his prick into her pussy. She cries out with pleasure. Kicking her shoes off, Nancy wants Jay in her arse. Legs akimbo, her body arches as he enters. About to cum, Nancy opens her mouth to catch the spunk. The white cream runs over her chin and onto her tits.

There is no question about the performances of the new girls. All were great. The production of the film is, however, another thing. The poorly lit wobbly camera stuff may be OK when Hazza is on the road to meet the girls, but unfortunately it continues once he gets them back to the hotel, which distracts from the otherwise good action. This mars what could be a good series.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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