< The Fine Art Of Fine Ass R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Mike Hunt
Notes: Demon Seed XXX, Clits and Pieces
Alternate Titles
  • Clits and Pieces: the Fine Art Of Fine Ass
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 181 mins.

Four girls in four solo scenes should be an enjoyable watch, especially when Aaliyah and Frankie appear along side Twinkle and Milana (as Roxanne), but placing the girls on a tatty ripped sofa in a cluttered studio the size of a broom cupboard is not the best way to show off their talents.

Opening the door, Aaliyah enters the cramped studio. She stands in her black top and skirt and the brilliant light behind her bleaches all the colour from the picture. A quick chat with cameraman and director Mike and she is up for some naked modelling. Rummaging through her handbag, Aaliyah pulls out a vibrator and, lying back on the cracked leather sofa, she holds it against her clit. A second toy comes out of the bag. Kicking off her shoes she pops it into her pussy. Breathing deeply, she eases the first vibe into her arse.

Frankie is next in the studio in her denim micro skirt. Lifting her top she flashes her pert tits at the camera. Then, bending forward, Frankie shows her bum and neatly cropped pussy. Stretched out on the sofa, she moistens her finger and rubs her clit. Eyes closed she pushes a digit into her cunt. Her hand moves to her bum as she masturbates. A moan and a sigh and it's over.

Twinkle stands amongst the mess in her turquoise summer top and matching skirt, a string of white shells around her neck. Admiring the pictures on the wall, Twinkle agrees to strip. Her top comes off and her white lace knickers fall to the floor. Spotting a rabbit vibrator on the shelf, Twinkle exclaims that it's the same as the one she has at home. Reclining on the sofa she powers up. It buzzes into life and she pushes it into her pussy. A play with the toy and she orgasms.

Milana is met outdoors, though the scene is so overexposed she merges into the background and only her dark glasses can be made out. Entering the studio, Milana looks round in disdain. She agrees to strip for Mike and removes her green top and jeans before taking her position on the sofa in her matching black and pink lingerie. Undoing her bra, she caresses her boobs. Panties to one side, Milana pulls a pink vibrator out of her bag, running it over her nipples before sliding it into her pussy. She wanks, twisting and writhing on the sofa as she cums.

I'm not sure what cameraman/director Mike was thinking about when he shot this film. The production quality is deplorable. Extremely overexposed and wobbly, at times it's difficult to make out what's going on. How can four girls be made to look so bad? It may be 'Fine Art', but it's a poor film and one to avoid.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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