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Released: 2005
Notes: Cherry Boxx Pictures
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Running time: 100 mins.

Never believe what it says on the cover!! Fill My Ass claims to be two hours of exotic anal action. Wrong on both accounts. The six scenes are a mixed bag of boy/girl action with no common thread and run to only 100 minutes.

Poppy Morgan appears half way through the film. In white ankle socks, high heels and spotty knickers, she sits in a mustard-coloured bedroom. A guy beside her already has his dick out. As the cameraman/director gives a running commentary, Poppy slides the guy's cock deep into her mouth and sucks. Easing down her panties, he laps at her closely trimmed pubes and his tongue delves into her hole. Grabbing the cock in both hands, Poppy plunges it into her pussy and rides cowgirl. A few bounces and the guy cries he's going to cum. Poppy catches his cream on her face. Cleaned up she is ready to start again, but this time on all fours. The guy hammers her pussy, driving Poppy over the bed. She spins onto her back and the bed rocks gently as the two fuck. With shouts and screams Poppy is filled spoons. It's too much again for the guy and he fires a second time on Poppy. Enough is enough and the scene ends.

The film is a hotchpotch of 'American' home-shot scenes giving the impression of a poorly composed compilation. None of the girls particularly stand out and even Poppy's performance is below par thanks to the start-stop action in the scene. There is little to recommend this film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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