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Released: 2006
Director: Andre Madness
Notes: Adam and Eve
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Running time: 112 mins.

There have been a number of films based on aircraft cabin crew over the years and Flight 69 is Adam and Eve Pictures' contribution to the genre. The film features Holly Wellin as a flight attendant alongside the silicon-stacked American Carmen Luvana, whose legs wouldn't stop a pig in a passage, and an almost incomprehensible Isis Love with her southern drawl.

On arrival at the airport to take flight 69 to LA, the crew are informed by two camp ground staff that there is a delay. They are ushered into the staff room to wait. Making their excuses, Holly and Captain Marco head to the rest area for some recreation. Undoing her blue and gold uniform, Holly crouches in front of the captain, cock in mouth. Spit runs down his shaft and drips off his balls and she laps at it before probing her tonsils with his prick. Up on a table, Marco places his hat on Holly as he enters her pussy. Her tits jolt free from her tight white top as they bang away. Slipping down, Holly bends forward to be taken from behind. She thrusts her bum back into Marco's balls. Marco lifts himself onto a work bench and Holly sits on him with his cock up her arse. Panting and with juice flowing, she turns for more anal action, this time cowgirl. Falling to the floor, Captain Marco jerks off into Holly's mouth.

The other four scenes in the film are done as flash backs where Carmen and Isis recount tails of sordid nights in far away hotels.

Unfortunately the plot and its execution are poor. You get the impression that the wardrobe department found some flight attendant's uniforms and decided to base the film on them. The technical presentation was also weak. For a studio-based film the colour balance was out, giving the cast an orangey look. Subtitles for Isis would also have been a help. There are an awful lot better films on the market than this one. Even if bought by die-hard Holly fans, they may nod off after her scene.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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