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Released: 2006
Director: John Mason
Notes: DVM Enterprises / Velvet Pictures
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Running time: 88 mins.

From the title you would think the film was full of new girls making their first appearances on screen. Far from it. Director John Mason has cast three established actresses, Alexis, Lolita and Majella, all of whom have made numerous movies in the past. Only Kate (as Lucy) is a true newcomer.

Kneeling on the bed in her brown silk slip, Majella (as Agelina) lets Tony James play with her tits. She lifts the slip over her head to have her nipples nibbled. She bends and her plaited hair hangs down as she sucks at his cock. Manoeuvring between Tony's legs, Majella fills her mouth with his balls. Her hand slides up and down on his shaft, he falls forward and the two 69. She crouches over his dick with her legs akimbo and Tony hammers into Majella's swollen pussy lips. The couple fall onto their sides and continue spoons. Licking her juices from Tony's prick, Majella goes down to be taken doggy, biting on the sheets as she thrusts her body back. She turns onto her back and the session ends in missionary, Tony pulling out to jerk his load over Majella's face.

Blonde Kate (Lucy) lifts her red top, letting Matt squeeze her pert boobs. With her knickers to one side, he pops a couple of fingers in her pussy. Kate reaches down to her clit and rubs. Parting her pussy lips, Matt moves down to taste. His tongue darts back and forth. Opening wide, Kate fills her mouth with cock and her cheeks pull in as she sucks. Then her tongue heads for Matt's balls. The pair 69. Shuffling along Matt's body, Kate sits on his prick and slowly rocks. She screws round on the cock for the action to continue - missionary leads into spoons. Kate pushes herself onto her hands and knees to be taken from behind. In the excitement Matt cums over her bum and Kate licks the last few drops off his cock.

Pascal eases Lolita's lime green top over her head as the pair play on the bed. Her short black skirt is next to be discarded. Unzipping Pascal's pants, Lolita paws at his prick. He positions himself to suck on her silky smooth snatch. Lolita licks her way up Pascal's cock and slips the moist member into her pussy cowgirl, her bum slapping against his thighs. She is flipped onto her back and the shagging continues missionary, the two twisting and turning on the bed. Spoons follows, then doggy, Lolita hanging over the edge of the bed as she's fucked. Licking her lips, Lolita wants Pascal's jizz and he showers her face. The two roll around the bed.

In a day-glo green top, Alexis sits on a familiar grey sofa with Richard. Pulling down the zip of her top, he eases out Alexis's boobs and starts to play with them. She lounges back and slides down her black panties. Richard's attention moves to her pussy. He licks and fingers while his trousers come down. Alexis takes him in her mouth. Kicking off her shoes, Alexis sits on Richard's dick. Her boobs swing in circles as she starts to bounce. Turning to ride cowgirl, she buries Richard's face in her tits. The two 69 before fucking doggy style. Alexis wraps her boobs around Richard's prick. The head pokes out of her cleavage and her tongue flicks at the tip. The scene ends with some spoons and Richard dripping his cum on Alexis's tits.

With only four scenes the film is a little shorter than others on the market, but in its favour it is very well made. All the girls look as if they're enjoying themselves throughout, which is always important, and new girl Kate seemed at ease in front of the camera. OK three of the four aren't first timers, but that doesn't spoil the film.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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