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Released: 2006
Notes and Reviews

No other production credits. 180 mins.

Each scene is set in a bedroom, has one stud, one woman and one cameraman who stays out of it but asks questions at the beginning.

Scene 1: Emma, English accent, has rose tattoo on left bicep with "Shaun" written over it. Lots of freckles on shoulders and back. Happily does anal and various fucking positions with feller on bed in bedroom, filmed by chirpy British-and-black sounding camera man (brief shot in mirror confirms this) who has no tripod (in this or any scenes) and does not even touch the girl. 52 mins.

Scene 2 (Alyssa Jenkins): No name given, sounds like a slight Australian accent. She has a red cartoon devil tattoo on her left bum cheek and pierced tongue. She's had a boob job judging from the scars underneath. Same format as scene 1, girl is very enthusiastic, she does a dance for the camera and the stud before the hotel room sex starts; whole scene is pretty erotic despite (or because of) cheapness. Would happily show this to my girlfriend without her slapping me and calling me a pervy old porn watcher. No anal in this scene. Ends in facial. 71 mins.

Scene 3 (Faith): No name given. English accented woman, big natural tits, about 35, long elaborate tattoo down her right shoulder and back. Pierced tongue and belly button. Sun tattoo on her right hip. Much enthusiasm during vigorous hotel room fucking with one man. Ends in facial. 57 mins.

Overall, I could believe they really are first time amateurs in this (although I'm of the opinion that boob-job = porn star, which is wrong, I know, so girl in scene 2 may be the only pro). All enthusiastic, all very pretty, all girls enjoying the vigorous sex, and show off their bodies, boobs and pussies well for the camera. None of the footage seems edited apart from stopping the camera - if this is what equates as "amateur", then so be it - I always figured that word was referring to the girls rather than the production techniques. My copy was a little grainy which suggests it was shot on something other than DV.

Review by Bill Malone
July 2006

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