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Released: 2007
Director: Starr and Naz
Notes: Fig Productions

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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 112 mins.

In getting its R18 certification, the BBFC chopped a huge swathe from the original Fuck the Help which Starr both directed and performed in. Normally this would be obvious, but looking at the film, which also features Sabrina (as Jane) and Isabel Ice, it's hard to tell where the axe has fallen as it's hot and hard throughout.

The Mechanic
Jumping into her car, in a sexy black dress, Starr finds that it won't start. She phones for help and Sensi is quickly there, getting soaked as he repairs the motor. Starr invites him into the kitchen to dry off. She bends over and flashes her stocking clad legs. Sensi runs his hands over Starr's black panties and kneels to bury his face in her pussy. Fingering her, the knickers fall to the floor. Climbing onto the kitchen bench, Sensi laps at Starr's swollen labia and helps her out of her dress. She grabs his shaft and starts to suck. The couple move on to the table to 69. Sandwiching Sensi's cock in her cleavage, Starr licks the head. Sliding onto his lap, she pops his prick in her pussy. The pair head for the bedroom. Starr's face glows as she gyrates on Sensi's dick. Rolling onto her back, Starr spreads her legs to be fucked missionary. Falling over the edge of the bed, she is taken from behind. Starr waits with her tongue out to catch Sensi's jizz.

The Plumber
Starr wanders into the bathroom to find Isabel hard at work under the sink. She eases a boob out of her pink bra as she stands over her. Her green top splashed with drips, Isabel asks if there is anything else Starr wants her to do. The answer is yes. Parting Starr's pink panties, Isabel slips a finger into her pussy before moving in with her mouth. A spanner is next between her legs. Starr peels down Isabel's white shorts and tongues her clit. The two lie in front of the bath, 69ing. Grabbing a hammer from her tool box, Isabel guides the handle into Starr's wet cunt. It makes her squirt. She tries the tool on herself with the same results. Isabel sits on the toilet, spreading her pussy. Starr shoves in a torch. The girls next try screwdrivers, taking turns to fill their arses with the grips. Isabel finishes herself off with the hammer in her pussy.

The House Sitter
Off on her holidays, Starr has left Jane (Sabrina) to look after her house. When her boyfriend Danny arrives, the two disappear into the wooded garden. Jane crouches by a tree and fills her thoat with cock. Spreading out a stripy towel, the two lie down. Jane gargles and glugs on Danny's dick. Knickers pulled aside, Jane rubs her fanny over Danny's face. Going down on all fours, she is taken doggy. The two roll around shagging and don't notice Starr has returned.

The Return
Ordering the pair into the house, they sit on the sofa awaiting her wrath. To ease the situation, Danny takes out his dick and starts to suck at Jane's tits. Seeing the two having fun, Starr joins in, her grey dress falling away to reveal her spotty lingerie. Bending forward, she chews at Danny's cock while Jane positions herself on his face. Starr lies back, letting Jane at her clit as she is fucked from behind. The girls swap. Starr is taken spoons. Juices dribble onto the arm of the sofa from Jane's pussy. She flops back and is entered missionary, while Starr finger fucks heself. Starr's hand works its way up Jane's thighs and four digits are thrust into her moist minge. Danny jerks his load over Jane's pussy. Starr licks it clean.

This film is a vehicle for Starr, displaying her talents as a performer and director. She does both admirably. The scenarios for each of the scenes may not be 100% original, but having Isabel as the dirty plumber gives an unusual twist. Sabrina (as Jane) is hot and steamy as normal. Fuck the Help shows how a small cast under good direction can produce great results.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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