< Forty & Filthy (& Fucked) R18 DVD available

Released: 2006
Director: Lisa Loves
Notes: Ruder Britannia / Erotic Flesh
Alternate Titles
  • Filthy & Fucked
  • Forty & Filthy on-screen title
  • Forty & Filthy & Fucked DVD spine title
  • Sarah Holt Forty & Filthy & Fucked DVD front cover title
Notes and Reviews

Sarah Beattie fans will welcome this release from Lisa Loves, which I believe is one of Ken Docherty's nom de cams (aka Kenny, Kendo and Dr Neil Down).

Out and about, Sarah introduces herself as businesswoman Amber - hence the glasses - to a nice young man who she persuades to return to her office for some test shots for her magazine 'Bust'. Once back in the office, Sarah takes a few topless shots of David before joining him on the couch for sex. David strips completely while Sarah keeps her black holdups and glasses on. Sarah stretches her pussy with a couple of decent-sized dildos before David's decent sized condom-clad cock fucks Sarah on the sofa and over her desk. A little arse fucking in missionary is followed by a decent cum shot over her body.

Next, Sarah is looking for talent in her local swimming pool in a scene which, while BBFC approved, may be looked on askance by the Amateur Swimming Association. She finds a likely looking young man who takes her home and fucks her in his bedroom. The couple share polaroids before the (mainly anal) sex begins. Sarah keeps her black stockings and boots on with her black slip around her waist for fucking with a condom. Particularly good reverse cowgirl, but a modest cumshot over her covered torso. Sarah leaves her prone beau asleep on the bed.

Faye passes her job interview for Bust magazine by sleeping with the boss. After a brief interview across the desk the pair retire to the sofa for sex. Fingers and tongues are followed by a dildo for Faye over the desk, then Faye bends her boss over the desk and fucks her with a strap-on.

Sarah takes Bust Magazine photographer Jazz to meet budding pop star Rebecca. While Rebecca starts in jeans and top for the photos, Sarah persuades her to flash a bit more, then takes her onto the sofa where she persuades her to have sex. Jazz watches for a while then joins in, getting Rebecca to suck his cock while Sarah licks her pussy. The girls swap places, then Jazz opens boths girls wide with his tongue and fingers before filling Sarah's pussy from behind as the girls 69 on the sofa. Rebecca gets fucked missionary on the sofa and Sarah missionary on the coffee table before Jazz comes over Sarah's belly.

Finally, at the end of the week, Sarah returns home to her black boyfriend and recounts her week in flashback. Despite four previous fuckings, she's still up for his black cock and they go at it on the floor. Keeping her boots, stockings and blue panties on, Sarah takes a couple of dildos before getting fucked missionary on the floor then doggy and reverse cowgirl in an armchair before her partner pulls off the condom and deposits his load in her mouth.

Sarah's love of cock is legendary and here she gets a full five portions. The linking peices are competently done and Sarah looks the businesswoman in her pinstripe suit. Unfortunately the camerawork is disappointing, with a little too much close-up work and confusing angles. This is particularly true with Rebecca in the penultimate scene where the brief action is either too close and her head is hidden by Sarah sitting on her face. A must have for fans, mildly disappointing for connoisseurs.

Review by Bayleaf
March 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

The first thing to say about this film is what it's actually called. The title on the DVD spine is 'Forty & Filthy & Fucked', the front cover has 'Sarah Holt Forty & Filthy & Fucked' and when you hit the play button only 'Forty & Filthy' appears. Away from the title the film stars Sarah Beattie (Holt) on the hunt for guys and girls to appear in her new magazine. There is an interesting reversal of roles from other films of this type in that it's Sarah who suggests to the boys they may wish to go further.

Walking down the street as a respectably-dressed business woman, Sarah approaches a guy and asks if he wants to come to her office for a photo shoot. Hesitantly he agrees. Back at the office she sits beside him on the sofa and explains what is required, her hand gently brushing the front of his jeans. Sarah lifts her big boobs out of her white blouse and asks the bloke to suck her nipples. His hands wander into her knickers. Unzipping his trousers, Sarah slurps on his cock. Her tongue runs over his shaft before swallowing it. Lying back she opens her legs to have her pussy licked. Taking two toys from the draw she covers them with lube and gets the guy to fit both into her fanny. The plastic is replaced by prick as the two shag away. Sarah bends over her chair and instructs the guy to fuck her from behind. The two progress to the sofa where Sarah rides the man meat reverse. They fall over into spoons and the guy moves his dick from her pussy to her arse, but after a few strokes he's ready to cum. Sarah gets her tits coated.

At the local swimming pool Sarah spots just what she is looking for. The guy climbs out and agrees to go to his flat for some pictures to be taken. Once inside it's off to the bedroom, Sarah's boobs hanging out as the two sit on the bed. His trousers off, the pair 69, Sarah slobbering over his cock as her damp pussy is stuffed with fingers. The guy takes a vibrator out of his bedside cabinet and eases the plastic prick deep into Sarah's pussy as she wraps her lips around his tadger. They turn and Sarah's tits wobble as she gets rogered in the back passage. She holds the toy hard against her clit as the two hump. Guiding the cock into her bum, Sarah rides the guy reverse cowgirl, then flops onto her back to be shagged missionary. Crying, the guy fires his load over her black dress.

Faye Rampton has turned up for an interview with Sarah. As she sits in her white blouse and black miniskirt, it's explained that it is more than just normal secretarial work she will be required to do. The two move to the sofa where Sarah drops her black bra and holds her tits for Faye to nibble. A great believer in equal opportunities, Faye gets out her boobs for Sarah to suck on. Pulling her black panties to one side, Sarah lets Faye lick at her wet slit before she investigates the damp patch in the front of Faye's white knickers. The two lick and lap at each other's pussies. Reaching to the desk, Sarah picks up a toy and screws it deep between Faye's legs. Next out of the desk draw comes a strap-on and Faye is asked to pull it on and try it out on Sarah as she bends forward. Satisfied with the results, Sarah will let Faye know if she has the job.

In her black suit, Sarah heads off with a photographer to take some pictures of Rachel. As the camera clicks Rachel strips down to her bra and jeans. To make her feel more comfortable Sarah undoes her red bra and plays with her tits. Rachel joins her, taking out her own pert boobs for Sarah to lick. The photographer joins in, Rachel tonguing the head of his dick before taking his length in her mouth. The girls 69, the photographer pumping away at Sarah's pussy as her clit is sucked. The girls change places and Rachel has her pussy prodded with prick. The session ends with the guy wanking over the girls' faces and tits.

Arriving home, Sarah's boyfriend asks how her day has been. A four or five minute time-wasting clip with action from the four previous scenes is then shown. Happy she has enjoyed her self, he gets a blow job as he slips his fingers past her turquoise blue knickers into her pussy. Lying on the coffee table, Sarah is sucked and fucked with a pink dildo. The two 69. The guy then turns to slip his big black dick deep into her pussy. Going onto all fours, Sarah wants to be taken from behind. The two roll over and end with her riding the guy in the arse. The scene ends with a slow motion cum shot into Sarah's mouth.

The film shows that like a fine wine, Sarah gets better with age, and this 'mature' lady is certainly up for a marathon shagging session. As for the film itself, apart from the time filling recap at the start of scene 5 it's not bad. There are a few niggles with 'iffy' camera work in places and a list of cast credits would have been nice. Watchable.

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