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Released: 2005
Director: George Kingsbury as Irish Mick
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Running time: 148 mins.

George Kingsbury/Irish Mick's repertory company return for a third helping of fucking in an Irish cottage. This time regulars Eire, Yasmin, Vicky Powell and Claire Kiernan are joined by Shawna, first seen in volume 2 and new girl Levi. Once again Pascal White and Tony James are the male talent which leads to the suspicion that all these films were produced at the same time. A fact largely confirmed on the box which puts filming as March 2004.

All the girls start out in their underwear so the foreplay and the sex starts pretty quickly, and when you've got Tony with Claire in the first scene he had his fingers in her pussy as soon as I pressed play. The fast and furious fucking takes place on and across a substantial pine kitchen table. As Claire's camisole top slips to her waist and her pants are removed, she reveals a larger-than-usual patch of the luxuriant pubic hair that made her early appearances so memorable. The couple fuck on other bits of kitchen furniture including the cast-iron range - presumably not on - and finish with a facial on the table where an assistant foolishly wanders into shot and has had to be digitally masked.

Tony remains in the thick of the action with Yasmin and new girl Levi on the sofa. While Tony tries to undress, both girls attend to his cock then, quick as a flash, they are all naked apart from Levi's black pixie-boots. Yasmin gets first go and sits on Tony's cock reverse cowgirl while Levi licks pussy and cock in turn. Doggy and missionary for Yasmin allows her to lick Levi's pussy, then Tony slips on a condom and fucks Levi missionary while Yasmin sits on her face. More fucking for both girls, interspersed by some girl/girl before Tony delivers a joint facial to the kneeling girls.

The third scene is a straightforward fuck between Vicky and Pascal which has already featured as a bonus scene in a previous volume. Starting in front of the fire and moving to a large overstuffed draylon sofa, the pair give an Olympic standard performance. While it is never anything short of a delight to watch Vicky's superb body getting pounded, this scene brings nothing new to her body of work. Ends with facial.

Back in the kitchen Tony has Shawna lying on the work surface in her leopard-skin skimpies. As her pants follow her bra a close up of her clit stud and gaping pussy shows she is ready for fucking, but Tony holds back, ramming two or three fingers in for a while before Shawna sucks his cock. Now Tony fucks her on and across the peninsular unit in doggy, cowgirl etc. before delivering a facial as he kneels above her.

Eire and Pascal enjoy the afternoon sunshine on a seat alongside the cottage. Pascal undresses as Eire sucks his cock then Pascal fucks her standing from behind while she keeps her short skit, pants and black calf-length boots on. Eire removes her pants for reverse cowgirl and missionary on the bench, then doggy on the ground where a duvet has been spread over the grey slate scree. More spoons fucking and a facial to finish.

Back in the kitchen Pascal fucks Yasmin over the table. Lying on her back Yasmin gets her pussy moistened by Pascal's tongue, then he grabs her hips and pulls her onto his cock on the edge of the table. Pascal fucks Yasmin from behind over the table and reverse cowgirl sitting on a chair before returning to the table, bending her over and fucking her up the bum. More anal in missionary and reverse cowgirl before Yasmin kneels for a facial.

Good points: Nice Irish girls, sweet newbie Levi (who appears to have a Gaelic inscription tattooed across the top of her pelvis), enthusiastic shagging, nice location.

Poor points: Same guys, same girls, same location. Sloppy technical work with too much cabling, lighting, sound boom, trainers and assistants getting into shot for my taste. And the stills cameraman is still flashing away.

Six minutes of behind the scenes shows Eire fumbling around with Tony and Pascal in the minibus and not much else. Six out of ten, but then Levi is cute.

Review by Bayleaf
February 2006

Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle's view:

When I picked Fucked in Ireland 3 off the shelf and saw almost the same cast as the previous film I almost put it back ... I'm glad I didn't; even though the production dates and locations are the same the films are as different as chalk and cheese.

The film kicks off with Scottie (Claire Kiernan) having her tits mauled by Tony James on the kitchen table. Knickers off, she wraps her leg round his neck pulling his face hard into her fanny for a good licking and finger fucking. Tony drops his pants and Scottie crouches to wank his cock into her cheek. The pair jump onto the table to 69 and the sucking continues. Scottie spins round and, positioning her pussy over Tony's dick, she slams her body down the shaft. The pair turn over, ending doggy style. Tony moves to a chair, Scottie mounting him cowgirl. He squeezes her tits as the chair rocks noisly over the floor. Pulling out, Tony fires his load over Scottie's tits.

Tony next appears sandwiched on the sofa between new girl Levi in her pointy-toed black boots and Yasmin in fuchsia lingerie. Levi is more interested in tasting cunt than seeing cock. She lies across Tony, her tongue flicking between Yasmin's legs. Tony pulls down his trousers and the girls give his manhood a good licking. Yasmin moves to sit on Tony's face while Levi entertains herself with his balls. Stripped, Yasmin climbs on Tony's cock for a ride and Levi licks the juices off the pair. With Yasmin's head deep in Levi's moist minge Tony fucks Yasmin from behind. Exhausted he leaves the girls to play. Yasmin shows Levi how to hit the right spot when masturbating and soon both girls are wringing wet. Tony, recovered now, gets a chance to shag Levi. She leans forward to be taken doggy, gasping and taking mouthfuls of Yasmin's clit. Tony is ready to cum. The two want it over their faces. They kiss covered in white goo.

Vicky is in front of the fireplace, tits out and lips wrapped round Pascal's dick. The camera pans round to show her white panties pulled tight into her snatch. Pascal leans forward to investigate and finger her damp hole. Vicky stands facing the fire and Pascal pops his prick past her panties deep into her pussy. She arches back, thrusting out her boobs. The couple drop to all fours, still with Pascal's meat in Vicky's minge. Vicky lies in an easy chair splaying her legs wide and Pascal pounds her pussy so hard her and the chair move over the room. Vicky gets her own back, hammering hard onto Pascal's thighs as she rides him both ways. The session ends with Vicky being taken missionary and Pascal flooding her mouth with jizz.

In her leopard-print bikini, Shawna is having her tits chewed by Tony in the kitchen. He heads down and laps at her bikini bottoms. Shawna removes them and lets Tony taste her pussy juices. His tongue flits across her fanny, the pin through her clit glinting with the fluid. His trousers down, Shawna sucks on Tony's dick to get it into a useable state. A quick tit fuck and lick and he's ready for action. Shawna climbs onto the breakfast bar to be entered missionary. She pulls her legs back to feel Tony's balls bang against her bum. Slipping off, she stands on one leg to be taken from behind, then drops for a long blow job session. Guiding Tony's cock back into her pussy, Shawna ends riding cowgirl. Tired, Tony fires a weak cum shot over her tits.

Outside on a bench Pascal has his hand up Eire's red miniskirt and is fondling her buttocks. He lifts off her black top to suck on her tits. She unzips his pants and wraps her mouth around his cock, her head gently bobbing up and down. Bending over, Eire shows her black knickers and wet pussy - Pascal's prick is soon all the way up her damp hole. She fingers herself as they fuck. Discarding her panties, Eire mounts Pascal reverse cowgirl. The nipples on her pert boobs stand erect as she bounces. After an uncomfortable-looking missionary session the pair end on a ground sheet, Eire's skirt hitched round her waist as she is taken doggy. Smiling, she fingers herself as Pascal fills her pussy spoons, pulling out to spray her face with spunk. Eire is happy.

The final scene sees Yasmin in a pink candy striped bikini in the kitchen with Pascal. Kneeling, she sucks on his cock and he pulls her black hair off her face as he slips his dick past her tonsils. Lying on the table, Yasmin stretches her legs letting Pascal lap at her smoothly-shaven mound before penetrating it with his prick. Balancing with one leg on the table, Pascal rams hard into Yasmin's pussy from behind. She groans and grits her teeth. He picks her up and the pair fall back onto a chair where Yasmin rides Pascal. Back on the table Yasmin wants a good rogering up the arse. Pascal eases his cock in then thrashes away. They turn over and the anal action continues reverse cowgirl, Yasmin's boobs jolting with each thrust as she fingers her pussy. The scene ends with Yasmin playing with Pascal's balls as he wanks into her mouth.

It's hard to believe that this was shot at the same time as Fucked in Ireland 2. It's completely different, simply and well shot, nicely edited together and even the inexperienced girls like Levi, Eire and Yasmin look confident. Probably the best film to come out of Ireland.

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