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Released: 2005
Director: Roy Karch
Notes: Adam and Eve
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Running time: 95 mins.

With an interesting play on words the action in Fleshbacks is supposedly set in the 60's and 70's. A group of OAPs reminisce about what life was like in their prime as they sit around a hospital bed. The first story involves Roxy, played by Destiny Deville.

Dressed in a short orange dress which is split to the navel, Destiny sits on a bar stool and watches as the barman tidies up at the end of his shift. He wants to lock up but Destiny won't go until she is fucked. Pulling her dress open, she holds her tits for the barman to lick then slides down his body to yank at his cock. With her saliva dribbling over his tool, Destiny fills her mouth, her dress falling to the floor as she sucks. Balancing on the edge of a chair with her leg on the guy's shoulder, Destiny is fucked. Shouting, she throws her head back as her pussy is probed. Standing, she bends forward and her boobs swing as she is hammered from behind. The scene ends with some reverse cock riding, Destiny jumping off as the guy cums to catch his load over her face.

Apart from the occasional retro skirt or dress, very little has been done to catch the look of the period when the film was supposed to be set. Having said that, you cannot complain. There are five nice boy/girl scenes with decent performances from all. Destiny, in her bright orange dress and slightly OTT necklace, looked the part. She was eclipsed only by a stunning and very wet Angel Stone in her prison scene. As well as the 95-minute feature the DVD has a 25-minute behind the scenes extras which includes a long interview with Destiny which goes beyond the normal 'What's your favourite colour'. All in all a good 2 hours viewing.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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