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Released: 2005
Director: Phil McCavity
Notes: Union Jaxx
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Notes and Reviews

Donnington Park
Violet mingles with the punters at a bike race meeting at Donnington Park where she meets Cloe. After flashing their tits they move somewhere more private where both girls strip and get intimate. Nice kissing and sucking before Violet puts on a strap-on and fucks Cloe doggy, cowgirl and missionary, complete with pretend cumshot over her belly.

The Sex Tour
Violet's in Derby, meeting the locals where, apart from persuading a middle aged club receptionist to bear her breasts, she fondles some of the female bar staff and tries some stripping herself. Violet can't keep away from the motorbike shops, but then finds Laura in a sex shop and takes her off for sex. The girls strip and after some mutual fondling it's on with Violet's strap-on for a (brief) shagging for Laura.

Pussy Technition (sic)
The third scene starts with Violet, nicely oiled, lying on seaside rocks. Then, in just as long as it takes to grow her pubic hair, she ends up with Steve Hooper in his electronics workshop. Dressed in black dress and biker boots the sex is rough, ready and very enjoyable, on the bench and on the floor. Ends with wank to facial. Excellent. This is the scene listed on Violet Storm 2.

Good scenes from Violet, but too few and too short (at less than 80 minutes). And two minute trailers for seven other Union Jaxx just don't compensate for poor value.

Review by Bayleaf
December 2005

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