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Released: 2005
Director: Paul Thomas
Notes: Vivid
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Running time: 88 mins.

According to the interview given by Paul Thomas in the Behind the Scenes extras, Freshness is a new style of plot-based film where the performers improvise the dialogue around a framework of action ... Eh!! Basically no one has bothered writing the script, so what's it about?

Newly-wed Savanna Samson returns home to find husband Justin Magnum with Mikayla, a stripper. He explains this away by telling Savanna it's to allow her to indulge her lesbian fantasies and as a voyeur all he wants to do is view.

The next day he spots Roxy Jezel in the garden. As he peers over the fence she bends down to give Reno a blow job. The couple move to the shade of a gazebo where Trent Torso joins them. Roxy's head turns from side to side, her face slapped by cock as she sucks on the two. Pulling down her panties, Roxy lies across a wall to be spit roasted. Justin watches with wonder as she slides up and down Reno's shaft, Trent's meat clasped tightly between her lips and saliva dribbling out of her mouth. Kneeling, Roxy takes both loads on the face, the jizz runs down her chin and drips on her tits.

With thoughts of Roxy still fresh, Justin finds Savanna in the bath and he has to fuck her.

Back at the fence, this time it's Missy Monroe who is being shagged senseless by Kirk Lockwood. Justin stands and spies.

Roxy calls at the house knowing Savanna is out. She teases and tempts Justin with her tits and, showing her arse, she indicates that she wants to be fucked... he leaves. Savanna returns home with two guys. Having watched her with a woman Justin sits while she takes on two men.

Not only does Freshness have no script, it also has very little plot. The acting was wooden and woeful and dialogue stilted. The overall effect was made worse by jump editing repeating words and phrases over again. OK the sex was all right, but at the end of the film you are left thinking what was that about? The only people who may want to watch this are psychologists, see if they can make an sense out of it.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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