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Released: 2004
Director: Michael Stefano
Notes: Red Light District
Alternate Titles
  • Michael Stefano's Fully Loaded 2
Notes and Reviews

Running time: 164 mins.

When the Americans want hot hard action in their films they are nowadays turning more and more to British and European stars. That's the case with Fully Loaded Volume 2 where Isabel Ice and Roxy Jezel provide the meat and US girls Marie Luv and Missy Monroe with the Spanish-speaking Chiquita Lopez provide the side dishes.

The film starts with Roxy in black shorts and fishnet stockings leaning against the wall in the shower room slowly wanking a guy. He bends down to lick between Roxy's legs, then, pulling pants to one side, rams his cock in her pussy. Lifting her onto his shaft he slides her up and down while she screams for more. Kneeling Roxy takes the cock into her mouth to the balls as her bum is fingered and stretched. The freshly licked dick is then slipped all the way up her bum for a good banging. Being filled with one cock is not enough for Roxy and she's off on the hunt for more men. In the living room a second cock is found and following a quick blow job it's eased into her arse. The guy from the shower joins in to fill Roxy's pussy and give her a good long DP session. In the bedroom a third guy is found and Roxy has both her holes stuffed as she sucks on his dick. The three then take turns plugging Roxy's gaping arse and she licks each clean after being filled. Finally the guys fire their cum into Roxy's bum which she lets dribble out over her pussy.

Brown-eyed Isabel is in scene 4, sitting on a sofa rubbing a huge black dildo over her tits. With five or six inches of toy down her throat Isabel starts to gag; so she uses it on her pussy and arse instead. Toys may be nice but they are no substitute for the real thing and soon Isabel has a real live cock hammering at her tonsils. Mounting the moist cock she bounces up and down, the balls bouncing against her bum, but the Welsh expert in the art of anal would rather have her backside than her pussy filled. A second guy comes in continuing the bum bonking where the first guy left off. Lying back Isabel wants a cock in her pussy to join the one in her bum but before long both are banging away in her arse hole. A quick lick clean and Isabel is off to see if there are any more cocks in the house. She is in luck and finds a guy on the sofa whom she soon has in her bum. With three cocks to play with Isabel wants more double anal with the spare in her mouth. Then as she gets onto all fours the guys fire their loads up her arse. Squatting she squirts the spunk out of her bum. Normally that would be the end of the scene but Isabel is now thirsty for cum and takes the cameraman deep into her mouth, finally jerking him off to cover her tongue in cream.

As normal with Red Light films this is cleanly and crisply shot and the two Brits are very very naughty. Well done. The DVD also comes with the normal behind the scenes and 16 minutes of bonus footage which was cut from the original film (though I don't know why as the quality and action are better than some films I have seen). With the extras there is over 3 hours of viewing. Great value for money.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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