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Straightforward shagging for three girls. Unfortunately only one is an uncredited amateur and has the shortest scene. Professionals Bonnie Heart and Kat Varga put in decent performances with Mark Marais in a DVD that runs nearly 2 1/2 hours, but I think the title refers to the director. Avoid, unless you're desperate for the unknown amateurs.

Bonnie starts a strip in the first scene to the instruction of Mark Marais, who quickly joins her to help her out of her jeans. Once naked the pair lie on the garish double bedcover and, after a long (15 minute) period of oral sex, fuck each other in all positions then fuck each other again in all positions all over again in this overly-long scene. The action is intimate rather than athletic, but is too long at over an hour to maintain my interest.

The second scene starts with an unknown twentysomething amateur couple dressed on a bed. The bespectacled woman slips off the bed and strips for her husband, returning when she's down to her black pants. They both undress completely and once naked fuck each other in all the usual positions with a large pink vibrator joining in before and during the action. The scene ends with the guy getting tit-wanked between his partner's lovely big tits.

The third scene is a return to the nondescript bedroom of scene 1. Over the next 35 minutes Kat Varga and Mark Marais undress each other then fuck in the usual positions as the mattress squeaks in time. A little silver vibrator is introduced then, nearly an hour into the scene, Mark wanks over Kat's face. Kat returns to the vibrator and after a short time Mark returns to service Kat. Another 15 minutes of fucking, during which there are a couple of time-outs for Mark to regain wood, then Mark cum's over Kat's bum. Kat looks like she could go another three rounds but Mark is spent.

Review by Bayleaf
April 2005

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