< Fetish Dreams R18 DVD available

Director: The Blue Brothers
Notes: Asphyxiation
Alternate Titles
  • Hardcore Fetish 2007 DVD available Bizarre Europe, uncensored European version?
Notes and Reviews

Dungeon master Mason releases Lucy from a steel cupboard (the sort that has two inspection covers at face and pussy level). Both Mason and Lucy wear outfits that consist only of leather straps. Once out of the cupboard, slave Lucy gets a few spins on the big leather wheel and a dildo in her pussy while restrained upside down. This is followed by getting bent over, secured, lightly whipped and arsefucked. Mason then secures his slave in a horizontal position and clips blue clothes pegs to her nipples and labia. Next Lucy is masked and secured by her arms from above and gets another whipping and brief fucking. More fucking on the floor in doggy and missionary concludes with Lucy getting wrapped in clingfilm and thrown in a cage.

After an hour of this treatment the worm turns and Mason is strapped to the wheel, whipped and has the pegs applied to his scrotum. As some compensation Lucy sucks his cock and it's much the same when, hooded and secured horizontally, Lucy sits astride his cock for some hard fucking. A few more quick insertions and changes of clothes for the final 10 minutes and the whole thing ends with a modest facial.

Authentic bondage gear with some good hard fucking (as always) from Lucy. Mason sometimes struggles to maintain wood, which is hardly surpising over an hour and a half film, although if one is having fetishistic sex with Lucy one might be able to keep an erection going for a day and a half. Enjoyable, but I have reservations about a 90 minute one-scene, one couple film.

Review by Bayleaf
May 2005

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