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Released: 2004
Director: Jim Enright
Notes: Sin City
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Running time: 93 mins.

From the behind-the-scenes interviews, Alicia Rhodes and Jamie Brooks joined Aria, Fallon Sommers, Jenya Osa and Vicky Vette in this 'Shot in a Day' movie. The pace may be frantic but this in no way has affected the outcome, Fantasies Inc. is a quality film.

Dr Fine (Jim Enright) and his secretary Aria run Fantasies Inc., a place where clients' dreams can become reality.

The first customer is Jack Spade. Ever since leaving school he has fantasised about his ex teacher. He is sent through a door for treatment and finds he's back in the class room being held for detention by Miss Vette. Before he can leave he must satisfy her and make her climax.

Fallon Sommer is next in the waiting room. She dreams about appearing at court accused of suppressing her sexual desires. Found guilty, she is sentenced to be shagged senseless by Judge Talon.

When Mr Pete turns up saying he wants to fuck TV star Jamie Brooks, Dr Fine asks him to leave, but a $50,000 cheque makes him change his mind. Entering the treatment room, Pete finds himself watching Jamie on TV in a fuchsia pink bra, blue knickers and fishnets. He thinks nothing of it till she steps out of the screen. He can fuck her, but only on her terms. The two climb onto the table, Jamie taking Mr Pete's prick deep down her throat. His balls bang her chin as she gulps. Pulling her panties to one side Jamie gets her pussy pounded. She moans as he rubs at her clit. Leaning over, Jamie is entered from behind and he sticks his finger up her arse as they bonk. Jamie wants to ride his cock and ride it hard. Her tits jolt as she slams down on the shaft. Mr Pete can take no more and Jamie kneels to have her face covered in cum.

Fashion designer Alicia sits in her black pin striped dress. Her fantasy is to do with mannequins. She wants them to come to life and fuck her. The Doctor understands and sends her through the door, telling her to strip and climb into the bath. Alicia immerses herself in the steaming water when Jenya Osa appears in sexy lingerie, stockings and heels. She joins Alicia in the bath and the two kiss and play with each other's tits. Alicia balances herself on the edge of the bath, legs apart, so Jenya can suck at her smoothly-shaven snatch. The two climb out and Janya bends forward to allow Alicia to part her pussy and lick at her bum hole. Picking up a double ended dong, Jayna pushes it deep between Alica's legs. The girls lick off the taste of cunt. Alicia takes the toy and stuffs it into Jenya's moist pussy then uses the other end on her self. Her fantasy becomes reality as she climaxes with the plastic.

It's time to leave, but Dr Fine picks up his secretary's notes and realises Aria also fantasises. She finds herself on a smoke-filled set being ravished by Randy Spears. Her dream comes true in a wild wet sex scene.

Simple sets and a basic story line doesn't distract from this film. The performances from all were good and it makes a change seeing Alicia in a film without her arse being ripped open. For a not-too-taxing evening's entertainment, you won't go wrong with Fantasies Inc.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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