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Released: 2004
Notes: Rude Britannia
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Okay, I'll admit up front to bias. I'm a big fan of Ms. Rampton and Ms. Caine. I have fond memories of Ms. Caine being bladdered and falling over on what was to prove her last night on Sports XXX! And Faye is simply lovely. So I bought the above title (from www.simplythebestdvd.com).

All in all good stuff which I would thoroughly recommend to fans of the above girls (and a couple of other gorgeous Brit girls too - Jenny Loveitt and Sarah Wright are in some very nice scenes).

I was slightly troubled by the first sequence, which I presume was at one of Faye and Sandie's bukkake parties. I guess the impersonality of it all (the blokes were standing in the background, then after being prompted by Faye, just wandered around the bed and started fondling Faye and Sandie) knocked me a little sideways a bit (I like to see a little more tenderness I suppose - saddo that I am). But the girls put on a good show.

The remainder of the DVD is excellent, and I particularly liked the introduction of Angelica. She's either very tall, or Sandie is very short, or some combination of the two! But I really liked the introductory sequence of the two girls walking in to the flat and chatting in the lift - nice and natural.

And as a fan of Faye, I hope she really did have an orgasm in the final sequence - the poor lass seemed to be "on the point" for ages!

I enjoyed the DVD. I'd recommend it to anyone else, although I am a smidgeon biased.

Review by Mikey

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