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Director: Fat Freddie
Notes: STB H-1642
Alternate Titles
  • Freddie's British Sluts 2 R18 DVD available Load XXX
Notes and Reviews

Cherry (unlisted) says she is 18 and has braided blonde hair to her waist, a semi circle tattoo on her lower back and another tattoo of a dolphin on the side of her left shoulder. She is by a lake and phones Freddie about modelling for him. He turns up and takes her behind a shed where he feels a breast and her shaved fanny. Next we are in the bedroom where Cherry is wearing the usual school uniform and, eager to start, throws away Freddie's script and jumps on him. She is stripped by him down to her knickers and, bent over the bed, he fingers her and then fucks her in the same position. After getting a blow job they fuck in missionary, spoon, cowgirl, rev. cowgirl positions on the bed and also a chair. Fake cumshot over mouth.

Freddie is in a car talking to the driver about the next fare they are to pick up from a lap dancing club, but looks more like a park. This is Shannon (unlisted), a mid 20's brunette with a large tattoo on top of her right arm. We get a quick upskirt shot while she waits and later in the car Freddie asks her if she is a lap dancer and whether she will model for him. She is not sure but turns up anyway at his house to try it out, but only to topless. In the bedroom she gives him a lap dance for starters and does it so well she may well be a lap dancer. Stripped down to only her skirt and calf length boots, Freddie asks for a fuck. She will only do this if the camera is off. Now assured, she bends over the bed and off comes the skirt, but the boots stay on for the rest of the scene. While sitting on the bed she gives Freddie a b.j., then a tit fuck. Full sex starts on the bed with missionary and other positions, then a chair for cowgirl, back to the bed for some frigging, b.j., fucking her mouth, tit fuck and on chair again for reverse cowgirl and then fake cumshot over mouth. Thinking the camera is still on Shannon picks up some scissors and ...

On a bleak windy day at the beach, Freddie and his camerman spot Jamie Woods in a school uniform by a closed shop. Betting Freddie he can't get her knickers off, we see he does and then puts them back on and touches her up. Looking at the camera Jamie says "Freddie's asked me back to do a film, I think he's going to fuck the arse off me". Back in the bedroom she starts to strip, but is stopped by Freddie as he plays with her breasts. After taking her skirt off she kneels on the bed in her white knickers which are pulled aside by Freddie and gets finger fucked and then licked. The same happens after they are pulled partly down, but she also gets fingered up her bum. Jamie now sucks him and now naked, but for white socks, wanks him before getting fucked in various positions including doggie, cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. With a "Go on, just shove it up me" he doggie anals her. Some nipple pulling and biting then 69, missionary, frigging and faked cumshot over her bum end the scene.

In a park, the cameraman is having a go at Paige for not doing her job of interviewing people properly. Up walks Freddie and on finding he makes porn films the cameraman says he's going home. Freddie offers her a job modelling and by a building gets one of her tits out and pulls her skirt up to show she is wearing stockings and suspenders. Back in the bedroom he strips her naked and with her sitting on the bed he rubs his cock against her nipple before she sucks it. Missionary position starts full sex after frigging Paige, including anal doggie and missionary. A chair is used for cowgirl and reverse cowgirl and then back to the bed for the fake cumshot over her breasts.

As with all previous Freddie titles, the picture quality has that reddish tint and amateur look. Cut instructions and mistakes are left in. Shannon kept to the storyline the best which made for a better scene, with Jamie Woods also doing her best.

Review by Ian

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