< Freddie's Filthy Fuckers 3: Tracy Lain's Clubbing Bimbos

Released: 2003
Notes: www.freddiesworld.com
Notes and Reviews

Thanks to Freddie for the review copy.

Some variation on the formula this time as the first scene is a g/g scene between Tracy Lain, the German blonde seen in a previous Freddie tape, and Cheryl [3], also seen in a previous Freddie tape.

Then Tracy takes over the camera and the next scene shows Freddie discovering a sleeping Cheryl in his hotel room. A grope leads to sex, with some more adventurous positions tried out than previously.

Then Freddie bumps into Alyssa (another welcome return) who warns him off her sister but warms to him herself. A welcome longer period of foreplay in this scene.

In the last scene, slightly older and slightly plumper, but pretty, Sandy [2] has arranged to try out a porn shoot, and does.

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