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Released: 2002
Director: Bud Lee
Notes: Sin City
Notes and Reviews

Sin City

Scene 2 features Sarah Daykin and Cheyne Collins going at it on a balcony. This includes anal, but the attempted facial mostly misses the face and lands on the chest.

Scene 3 has Bev Cocks having sex with a British male on a deck chair. The cumshot is intended to be over the tits this time. Bev seems to enjoy herself more than Sarah.

All the first four scenes are badly edited, cutting straight to mid-blowjob for example.

The last scene features Amber [6] and is not of the same style at all. It was obviously shot with A-Train 2 in mind. Amber is interviewed by a pleasant, jokey American and then has sex with Cheyne Collins, including anal and facial onto tongue and chest. This scene is much better edited than the others.

In spite of the attractions of the girls involved, however, this is all very much the same-old-same-old off the LA assembly line.

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