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Released: 2002
Director: Stoney Curtis
Notes: Celestial Productions
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Rest of female cast: Aurora Snow, Alana Evans, Friday, Cherry Rose, Tommi Rose, Jodie Moore. Male cast: Hershel Savage, Brian Pumper, Tommy Lee, Slim Shady and others.

  • Style: Gonzo
  • Theme: Anal/High School

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5

Director Stoney Curtis delivers another fairly good anally-themed, set-pieced, gonzo style production featuring our very own British babe, Jessie J. This title is a five-scene piece following the anal adventures of several girls at Deep Crack High School. The production has a deliberate comedic effect to it and shows some good sex scenes based around some fair looking girls' asses.

Our babe, Jessie J, features in the second of the 5 scenes and shares her screen time with Australian porn star Jodie Moore and porn legend Hershel Savage. The scene opens with Jessie J giving Hershel, or the Coach as he is here, a nice looking blowjob. We see some short deep throat and some fair dirty talk before she is informed she has made the famed cheerleading squad and makes way for Jodie Moore to try out. What follows then is a short comedic scene of Jodie trying out by doing a cheer. However for this audition, it is sucking the Coach's cock that is required to make the grade. Our Brit babe Jessie shows Jodie how it's done.

From here we see the two girls share the man meat before some kissing between the two girls. We then move on to some fooling around on the bed, then some stripping, spanking and biting, before we are back to hardcore action. Jessie does some game action, taking oral and fingers in the ass from Jodie as she sucks off Savage. She then gets to suck the cock straight from Jodie's pussy before being fucked by Savage and fingering her own ass. We see how flexible she is as she takes it from Savage, by having her leg behind her head. Then Jodie gets some more of the cock while Jessie licks her. Jessie gets the cock back, straight to her ass, doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Jessie then gets a cock and finger DP and has a great looking orgasm before sucking the cock from her ass. We end the scene with Jessie getting anal in doggy position with a nice-looking gape and the pop shot on the two girls' faces, where they share the load.

This is a pretty good scene and Jessie J performs well. She has an interesting look that's very engaging. She has a look of innocence, especially when not in the action, but with one flick of the eyes, has a real nasty, filthy girl look that draws you in. The scene itself can be a bit too comedic for some tastes, and there is an incident left in where Jodie Moore gets the cock in her eye and laughs hysterically over it, which can distract from the scene. It is also a little slow and disjointed in parts and the cum shot is only fair. However Jessie is a great performer and looks really cute in the outfit and white panties. I would give this scene a 3.5 to 4 out of 5.

The rest of the scenes are pretty good quality with porn professional Aurora Snow giving a great performance when she was just 19. Alana Evans also puts in a good, believable performance. Cherry Rose puts in a dirty performance which makes up for her lack in looks while Friday looks great with Tommi, but that scene is a bit iffy. It doesn't sit that great with me.

The DVD has no real extras. There are some advertisements for porn sites and phone lines but that's it, not even a scene select feature.

Overall the film is good. There are dirtier gonzos out there and there are softer films out there. This is firmly in between. A good effort.

Review by Steven Stone, March 2006

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