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Released: 2002
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DVD  20.00 GBP Your Choice: The Lecher's Guide & Filthy Club Reps Pumpkin Film 8
   20.00 GBP British Porn: The Lecher's Guide + Filthy Club Reps Pumpkin Film 6
   24.95 USD Gamelink: The Lecher's Guide Plus Filthy Club Reps Pumpkin Media 4
   20.00 GBP SimplyPornDVD: The Lecher's Guide + Filthy Club Reps Pumpkin Media 1
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Notes and Reviews

This is an hour-long lesbian tape, with the specific hook of featuring Vanessa (brunette) and Rachael (blonde) from ITV's 'Club Reps' series, lesbo-ing along with Cathy Barry.

In the U.S. there have been a number of cases of people cashing in on their 15 minutes of fame to launch themselves into porn (John Wayne Bobbit springs to mind), but this is a bit of a first as far as U.K. porn is concerned and a coup for Pumpkin films.

The first question on everyone's lips is 'Do the girls go all the way?' and the answer is a definite yes, although Cathy is on the receiving end a lot of the time.

Cathy, wearing a red and black basque and panties, kicks things off by saying a short piece to camera, whilst Rachael and Vanessa, wearing matching metallic one-piece outfits, listen in and fortify themselves with white wine. Pretty soon they are both licking Cathy's tits, then take it in turns going down. Pussy rubbing, fingering and lickage follows.

Toys come into play, with Cathy dildo-ing Rachael whilst Vanessa does the same to her. Cathy and Rachael share a double-ended dong, whilst Rachael eats out Vanessa - probably the best 'position' on the tape. Cathy takes a dildo-DP. Without the toys, again, there are some additional three-somes. The finale is a Vanessa/Rachael 69, whilst Cathy looks on and masturbates.

One significant criticism of the film is there is very little in the way of verbal interaction between the girls, seldom even the occasional 'harder,' 'yes' or 'that's it!' Obligatory porno moans there may be, but the general lack of communication leaves little sense of chemistry between the girls - despite the efforts of Cathy.

This is a bit of a shame as the 'Club Reps' girls have nice bodies, lick pussies like pros and no doubt have a future in the glamour industry should they choose to pursue it. They also deserve kudos for 'taking the plunge' in such a high profile way.

Although explicit, this R18 tape contains a reasonable number of 'soft-core' angles - presumably from the TAC version.

Review by Mr Anon

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