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Released: 2002
Director: Stiv Gators
Notes: Coast to Coast

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Notes and Reviews

Running time: 88 mins.

With a story which involves a car full of sex pills, nymphomaniac hitch hikers, and a naked motorcyclist, the plot for this film comes straight from the 80's. Although, it was made in 2001. Rebecca Lee (as Flick) appears with Aurora Snow and Logan Labrent in this nonsensical film.

After picking up and shagging a hitch hiker, Mark Cummings finds himself stranded in the desert when she makes off with his car, which has a boot full of the new sex wonder drug. Fortunately for Mark he encounters a nude Flick on a motorbike and gets a ride back to her motor home. In exchange for a lift to the local town, he gives Flick and her boyfriend Rafe a couple of the sex tablets. They work almost instantaneously and the pair have to shag on the sands before they can do anything else.

In the bright sunlight, Flick sucks at Rafe's dick. She sticks her red painted nails into his balls as she swallows his man-beef. Lying on her side to shag spoons, Flick's nail-polish miraculously changes from red to purple as she eases Rafe's cock into her arse. Rolling onto her back to be fucked missionary, the nails are back to red, only to change again as she jerks his load over her face.

Finding the stolen car, police woman Logan Labrent takes one of the pills with the inevitable results.

Phoning his boss, Mark tells Joel Lawrence all is now OK. He celebrates by poking his prick into Aurora Snow on the pool table.

This is very much a 'B' movie. The sex scenes appear to have been cobbled together with the participants just going through the actions. These are almost held together with a very weak story which is mostly told in telephone conversations. Flashflood 5 is poor and short.

Review by Dawn "Hot Totty" Birtle

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