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Released: 1990s (late)
Director: Gabriel Pontello as Gabriella Ponti
Notes: DBM, Teenievision
Notes and Reviews

Appears to be about a female pop group with male backing musicians and manager and their fans.

There is a lot of intercutting but the first part includes a scene where Hannah Coleman brings a cup of tea to a man in a room with a swinging bed. She spoons jam on his cock and then sucks it. She then sits astride it. Bev Cox appears and joins in for a bj and fucking. They then take it in turns for anal. The man then cums on Bev's arsehole and Hannah scoops it out.

The final scene is an orgy scene where five girls are around a table, including Bev and Hannah. A man arrives and the girls make him get his cock out and they then play with it. A second man arrives and Bev sucks his cock. The permutations now get too complex to list but Hannah is fucked and takes a facial.

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