< Fotzen Füller

Released: c. 1997
Director: SX Kowalski
Notes: DBM, Electra EL 014
Alternate Titles
  • Versaute Exzesse: Alles in einem Loch DVD available DBM, Euro Extrem, DVD DS84
Notes and Reviews

All scenes are progressively intercut.

  • K Halborg, white lingerie, and M Allard, dressed as French schoolie. MA is fucked, KH joins in, fuck leading to doggy anal. Then MA doggy anal while 3/4-fisting KH. Cumshot over MA's bum. MA looks v pretty once beret is removed.
  • Delphine Lavelle, also as schoolie, given 3/4-fisting and then thick end of full bottle by her fella. BJ follows, then fuck and missionary anal, with cumshot over pussy. Then 4-finger anal fisting from male then (briefly, alas) herself, and thick end of bottle anally (wonderful expression on her face!), replaced with smaller anal bottle, deeper penetration. Pains me to say so, but DLV neither too attractive or convincing as schoolgirl, IMHO.
  • Non-Brit, fuck and anal.
  • KH and MA dressed again. KH b/g to anal with male. MA joins non-Brit, fuck leading to RC fist/dick DPP for MA, weak facial. MA's bra remains on at all times, presumably because of her small/saggy endowment. Hey, nobody's perfect...

Good overall, nice to see MA and DLV being filthy, though a bit flat somehow.

Notes by JJ

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