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Released: 1997
Notes: X-Kiss
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X-Kiss, presented by Michelle Janssen, 1997

Although it seems to be about some British girls having sex on stage with fans of X-Kiss videos, it starts with a lesbian scene between two Flemish girls. Michelle interrupts and takes one away to prepare for the stage show, leaving the other to 'please herself'. Pascal observes and joins her for a b/g scene using a condom, ending in a cumshot over her tits.

This is intercut with first of the male fans entering the club and collecting their condoms from Michelle Janssen at the door, then with Michelle introducing the female participants. Apart from the Flemish brunette these are, in order of appearance, Gayle Appleton, Maxine, Tanya (probably a Brit - straight, shortish, blonde hair), Marina Curran and Nancy (small blonde, possibly a Brit). These go among the audience, who by this time have at least partly undressed, to 'warm them up' with hand jobs.

Then Marina and Maxine are brought to the stage along with the Flemish brunette for a lesbian performance during which Marina uses a strap-on to fuck Maxine from behind. Michelle invites the first male to the stage and measures his erection. His erection is maintained by the hands of Marina and the Flemish brunette while Maxine lies back on a small padded table with bars behind her head which she grips with her hands. There she is fucked by three men in succession.

Marina then takes over this role while Maxine becomes a fluffer. The other girls are gradually brought in to the action, apart from the Flemish brunette who does a bit of fluffing with her hands, but little else. Marina takes on more men than Maxine did and not much is then seen of Maxine thereafter. Gayle graduates from fluffer to being fucked and the whole thing degenerates into an all-out orgy with Marina being fucked standing up and several men cumming over Nancy's back, etc. etc.

This is quite a hot film, but the initial lesbian and b/g scene could have been dispensed with and replaced by some interviews with the girls and the males about to take part and an explanation of the event to build up anticipation. Marina looks great in her initial outfit of red top and black PVC hotpants.

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