< Flitzer

Released: 1970s
Notes: loop, Tabu, 22 mins., included in 70s British Porn, Love Video Club Magazin 9
Alternate Titles
  • Streakers
Notes and Reviews

Two girls, blonde (NK0169) and brunette (NK0170) go into a boutique. One seduces a young male shop assistant while the other shoplifts. The aim appears to be to provide stock for their own shop. They take the shop assistant home and tire him out. Next day the brunette returns to the shop and finds the assistant asleep at his post. She takes more stock while he is being scolded by his boss. He gets the sack and they go off to the other shop where customers are being given sex as well as sold clothes. The blonde is having sex with a customer in the back room. Other customers are encouraged to join in including two other females, a darker blonde (NK0758) and a black-haired girl (NK0172) who might be the taller of the two girls in segment 3, i.e NK0156. An orgy develops in the back room.

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